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Resume Writing

Career Center

Brittany Manzer

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Resume Writing

The purpose of resumes and what you need to know to get started
How to format and develop an effective resume
Writing strong accomplishment statements
Resume do’s & don’ts
Cover letter guidelines Resumes...
Provide an overview of your experience and skills
Establish qualifications, accomplishments, and credentials
Highlight specific, relevant background
Must be dynamic, changeable documents
Should be updated on a regular basis Get you an interview! Create a winning first impression with your resume! 1. Take inventory of your experience:
Relevant experience, paid or unpaid? High school
experience? Clubs, projects, leadership, etc.? 2. Include standard resume ingredients,
follow consistent and professional format,
and produce an error free document. 3. Know your audience and tailor resume
to the position, using the job description
or industry language. Main Ingredients and Resume Format So, what does a resume generally include? Do's and Don'ts Resume Ready The Career Center at UCR
951.827.3631 Resume Pop Quiz What is the purpose of a resume? Resume Basics How much time do you think the average employer spends looking at a resume? 10 minutes 1 minute 20 seconds 5 minutes Resume Pop Quiz Format tips, resources, Cover letters Consistent content and format 1 inch 1/2 inch Paid or unpaid
Presentations or public speaking
SERVICE in student organizations
Formal or informal faculty research
Volunteering and internships
Class projects, labs, MAJOR assignments What "Counts" as Experience? Resume Pop Quiz What is the best way to talk about experience on a resume? C. Describe all job duties or tasks using personal pronouns B. Write short action statements using bullet points A. Focus on skills and accomplishments B and C A and B All of the above Consider other applicable skills...

Language Skills
Language: Bilingual in Spanish and English.

Transferable Skills
Presentations: Demonstrated experience developing and executing professional presentations to groups of up to 25.

Specific Skills
Marketing: Expert ability to develop customized marketing materials and strategies. What can be improved? Professional email address that will be easily accessible after you graduate
Telephone number and physical address Most recent first
Only list schools from which you receive a degree
Study Abroad
Relevant Coursework OBJECTIVE: Seeking summer marketing internship position at Deckers Outdoor Corporation. One page, 0.5-1.0 inch margins
20-second glance: most relevant first
Tailor your resume to the position
Use industry language to describe experience
All relevant experience, paid or unpaid
Consider relevance of high school experience
Avoid personal pronouns (I, me, my)
Use appropriate verb tenses
Error free (both spelling and grammar)
Font size:10-12; easy-to-read fonts (i.e., Calibri, Georgia, Arial, Cambria, Times New Roman) Situation/Task---Action----Results Margins After generating that initial connection with the employer, you will most likely be asked to provide them with a copy of your resume.
A resume that is polished, perfected and mistake-free, along with your conversation with the employer, will help you stand out as a candidate. The Resume Transaction Bring multiple copies (no wrinkles, stains, etc.)
Add your LinkedIn URL under your contact information
Have your resume reviewed at the Career Center
Check for spelling and grammatical errors
Tailor objectives to targeted employers based on your research
Non-targeted objectives should still mention whether you are seeking full time or internship positions and in what industry
Know your resume
1 page!!! A word about resumes and Career Fairs…. Career Fairs Learn who is attending ahead of time and research companies of interest.

The Career Center always posts a list of employers attending UC Riverside career fairs on our web page.

Research allows you to determine appropriate employers to approach at a job fair and tailor your resume to.

You will be better prepared to have a meaningful conversation with the employer and maximize your chances of creating a positive impression!
Tailor Your Resume
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