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Weclome to Ballet!

No description

Rebecca Golembeski

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Weclome to Ballet!

Welcome to Ballet!
Mr. Callender & Ms. Golembeski (Ms. G.)
street shoes
gum or food
touching the mirrors or music equipment
running or sliding
cell phones
Verbal reminder

Name on board - Warning

Check next to name - Grade drops 1 point, student sits out and fills out "Think Sheet"

Second check next to name - Grade drops another point, student sits out the rest of class, phone call home (note sent home if needed)
Follow directions the first time around.
Work quietly
Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
If you have a question, raise a silent hand.
Help us keep our studio safe and clean!
Respect yourself, others, and the studio space.
Together we will learn the:
1. rules of the ballet studio
2. rules of the ballet class
3. consequences
4. rewards
5. and important procedures. This way, we will all have a safe and fun year learning in Ballet!
These rules are in place so that
can learn in a safe and respectful environment.
If students fail to follow the rules there will be
If students successfully follow the rules there will be
If student go above and beyond and consistently follow the rules every class there will be
and even
Any student who needs to be removed from class or fails to participate will receive a zero for the day and a phone call home. Course of disciplinary action may be referred to administration.
15 Minutes of Freeze Dance
15 Minutes of Classroom Games
Top of the Charts Ballet Day
30 Minutes of Organized Play Outside
Ballet Bags... and more!
End of the year pizza party for the class with the most stickers!
Entering the classroom: Immediately take your assigned barre spot.

Starting the class: Begin warm up combination once everyone is in their barre spot.

If you have a question: Raise a silent hand and wait to be call on by the ballet teacher.

If the phone rings: Stay silent, the ballet teacher will answer the phone.

If someone knocks on the door: Stay silent, the ballet teacher will answer the door.

If you need to throw something away or need a tissue: Wait for the exercise or music to stop.
Raise a silent hand and ask permission from the ballet teacher.

If you need to use the restroom: Wait for the exercise or music to stop.
Raise a silent hand, sign out in bathroom log, and take hall pass

If you feel ill: Raise a silent hand, take the nurse slip from the ballet teacher,
and walk with buddy to the nurse.

If you get hurt: Remain calm, let teacher know, and stay where you are.

If someone else gets hurt: DO NOT TOUCH THE PERSON WHO IS HURT.
Calmly sit where you are and remain silent so that teacher can handle the situation.

If there is an emergency: Follow emergency procedure posted by the door.
The teacher knows this procedure. Remain silent and follow all directions that the teacher gives.

If you have a question about a step, position, or choreography: Wait for the teacher to finish
giving the instructions, and for the teacher to ask, "are there any questions?".
If the teacher does not ask this question, simply raise a silent hand and ask the
ballet teacher, or quietly ask a friend to explain.

If you paid for ballet shoes and need to be fitted: Hand your envelope into your homeroom teacher.
The teacher will hand the envelope to the ballet teacher. The student will be fitted for ballet shoes
in class that day. If the ballet teacher does not have your shoe size, they will order your size
and give you the ballet shoes when they arrive.

If the ballet teacher needs everyone's attention: The ballet teacher will raise his/her hand
or clap three times. When you see or hear this happen, please do the following three things:
1. Face the ballet teacher, and give him/her your attention
2. Stop any talking or dancing
3. Listen carefully to the instruction

Finishing the class: Return to barre spots and follow the ballet teacher in "reverence".

Lining up to leave: Barres will be called one at a time to line up quietly at the door.

Exiting the classroom: Students will exit quietly with their teacher.

Uniform Policy
All students are required to wear their ballet uniform to each and every ballet class.
Gray school sweat pants
Blue school shirt
Black socks
Black ballet shoes (canvas or leather)

Light pink ballet tights
Plain black leotard
Pink ballet shoes (canvas or leather)
Hair in a ballet bun
We sell ballet shoes for $12!
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