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The Inheritor

No description

Robyn Alleyne

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of The Inheritor

Daytime, most likely Australia, on a hill surrounded by flood waters
Characters are Man, Dingo, and Ewe
The Inheritor
Robyn Alleyne
Initial Incident:
Man, dingo, and ewe are forced together onto a
small hill
Dingo notices Ewe
Man feels conflicting feelings towards Ewe
Man realizes he needs to move the dingo away from the tree so he can climb it
Man tried to lure Dino away from tree (but is unsuccessful)
Dingo tries to attack Ewe
Man jumps in between the two animals and saves the Ewe, which provokes the Dingo
Man has a fight to the death with Dingo
Falling Action:
Man strangles Dingo and catches ewe
Man pulls Ewe into tree and sits there with it
Helicopter arrives to try and help the man
Man refuses help unless Ewe can be brought to safety as well
Helicopter sends for boat and flies away
Man and Ewe wait for the Boat to come save them
Main Conflict
Person versus Person
Man versus Dingo

The man had two main goals throughout the story: climb the tree and save the Ewe. The Dingo tried to prevent both of those things.
Man - Round and dynamic. He has conflicting internal thoughts and many characteristics. He changes to show mercy to toward the ewe at the end of the story.

Ewe - Flat and static. Just a sheep. No personality, and it doesn't change.
Point of View
Limited Omniscient
Use of the word "he" and not "I"
Does not enter the mind of the Ewe or Dingo.
Mood or Tone
Mood - Conflicted. The beginning is scary and tense, but the end is relieved and happy. Also, the killing of the Dingo can make you feel happy that the sheep is safe, but sad that it died.
Tone - Hostile, protective, desperate.
All of the Man's actions towards the dingo were aggressive and based on protecting the Ewe.
The main irony is situational. You do not expect the man to risk his life and kill a dingo for a simply ewe, but he does.
There is very little, if any, foreshadowing in the story. The man must make spur of the moment decisions, and everything happens really fast. This is expected when dealing with wild animals. There might be a small amount foreshadowed because he has the internal conflict of whether or not to save the Ewe, but even that is debatable. This would foreshadow that he has a change of heart and saves the Ewe.
In the short story "The Inheritor", Frank Roberts develops the idea that even among the most dire of situations, humans can find enough compassion and sympathy to put others before themselves. This is shown by the man who, fully knowing that he will get injured and could die, saves the sheep.
Sheep - it represents the things that you care about enough to be willing to put yourself at risk for their safety. It can symbolize innocence, helplessness and empathy
Dingo - It represents the danger or threat to the things you care about. It symbolizes endangerment, insecurity and threats
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