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The Netherlands

No description

Riyan Marsh

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a Constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary Democracy. The Dutch king (Willem- Alexander van Oranje- Nassau) is more of a public figure rather than a politician and holds no real power in political decision. Parliament is split into two chambers, the Lower House and the First House, that carry out all political duties.
The Lower House
The Lower House of Dutch politics consists of 150 member that are elected every four years (by direct vote of Dutch citizens). Their responsibilities include approving budgets, propose legislation, review actions of the cabinet and selecting judges.
Voting in the
All citizens 18 years and older have the right to vote. They vote at polling stations where they vote for representatives for their region who vote on larger elections.
Political Parties
The Netherlands have a multi- party system they have three major parties;
Christian Democratic Appeal(CDA)
The Labor Party (PvdA)
The People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD)

Constitution and Judicial System
"The Kingdom of the Netherlands" is the name of the Dutch constitution. The first chapter of the constitution is called the "Basic Rights" and is similar to the bill of rights.

There are 11 district courts, 4 courts of appeal, and 1 supreme court. All judges are "independant", selected by the House of Rep and serve life terms

The First House (Senate)
Provincial parliaments vote for the Senate, which is a less important house than the Lower House. The Senate has 75 members whose only job is the approval or rejection of laws. They do not have the right to amend bills.
Economic System
The Netherlands have a socialist economy that is slowly becoming capitalistic. They have trade unions and other employee organization. They promote free trade.
The Netherlands
Political System of the Netherlands
Imports and Exports
The Netherlands main trade partners are
Germany, Belgium, France, the UK, the US, Italy and Japan. The Netherland's biggest exports are machinery and transportation equipment, mineral fuels and food. They mainly focus on tourism for revenue.
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