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Replacing Lotus Notes

No description

Mitchell Kaiser

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Replacing Lotus Notes

69 Active
1 Server
Challenges & Complications
Is the db QSI?
Which facility owns it?
Do other facilities have access?
Is the database still being used?
The Facilities only have links to their databases(dbs).
Where are the
QSI dbs located?
How many Facilities
are on this 1 server?
How many databases
are QSI?
More Unknowns:

How many servers
have QSI?
Which Servers replicate
to other servers?
Which servers only have
copies of dbs & not replicas?
Now This Process May Seem Like A Straight Forward Project
Let's See Why It Is Not and why the combined catalog is so important
What we need to recieve those benefits:
Support from Management
Appropriate resources made available in a timely manner
Cooperation and willingness to help from each facility
Project Benefits
More server space so decreased server costs
Less repeat data
Less silos yielding greater communication
Decreased maintenance time
Flexible web-based applications
Greater data analysis
Let's get started:
Help us help you by contacting the Quality Team to see how you can help!
Anna Ducat
Brian Sneigocki
Mitchell Kaiser
That Analysis is needed for every product group
1-2,022 Databases
How many databases are on the server?
Is the server active?
Replacing Lotus Notes
Finding Alternative Applications
Database Consolidation
& Reduction

Microsoft Exchange
Other Applications
Combined Catalog

Identifying Facility's Databases
Move Databases
Time Frame:
2-?? years
2 employees + 1 Intern
Before Migration
1. Documents must be prepared by
a. Resizing Photos
b. Updating each document's authors, managers & administrators
c. Embedded documents need to be added as attachments
4. Links need to be hyperlinked again after migration
5. Re-categorizing documents to standard categories.
1. Locate which servers are active
2. Go through every folder on every active folder to find the QSI databases
3. Manually record the directory of every QSI database on those servers
4. Identify which facilities owned the databases by going into the information catalog
a. Many databases do not have listed facilities
5. Manually record last access date and look for empty databases one-by-one
6. Email the facility asking them to approve deletion or archiving databases
a. Wait between 1 week to Month & half to receive response
b. Do this for 114 facilities
c. Many facilities have databases across 3-4 different servers and with only some or all databases being shared with other unknown facilities
d. May not being able to identify 100% of QSI database functionality
e. Many facilities had to have the process explained to them in their non-primary language.

1. Research needs to be done to identify
a. Most cost efficient Applications
b. Most user friendly Application: Web-based
c. Applications that captures all or most of the database functionalities
d. etc.

Configuration of language Translations
Manual Data Gathering

Had vast amounts of documents, databases, servers, facilities, and other information without any way to organize it
The data was not in one centralized location
Had no way to retrieve, sort, and use all of the types of data in various comprehensive views.
Did not always have up-to-date information
Migrate with Migration
Archiving Factors
Does the facility need constant access to the archived data?
How will files be found when the database and server it was located on is not known?
How will the server be organized?
How will any database and server moves be tracked?
Not all Databases will migrate into CompliantPro
Facility Benefits
Product Group Benefits
Financial Benefits
Corporate Benefits
IT Benefits
No need to search through servers and databases to find facility documents
Can view other facility's documents
More organized documents
Easier User interface
Less duplicate data to search through.
Easier comprehensive views per product group
More accurate information
Information sortable per facility
Decreased long-term costs due to less servers and more informed decisions
Increased revenue due to more efficient business operations
Greater knowledge on how much data and what type of data the company has
Easier to push QSI documents to facilities
Increased profits
More informed decision making
Greater organization and communication of data
Challenges the Catalog Overcame
The Process
Thank You!
This shows all of the servers replicating with each other
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