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One Came Home by Amy Timberlake

No description

Alexandrea Battista

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of One Came Home by Amy Timberlake

The book takes place in the small town of Placid, Wisconsin in 1871.
The Setting
During the course of the book, Georgie Burkhardt and Billy McCabe set out to Dog Hollow to try to find Georgie's sister, Agatha Burkhardt.
Central Conflict
The climax is when Georgie and Billy are chased out of a counterfeiters' cave by Mr. Garrow and another man (who was nicknamed Bowler Hat by Georgie - we don't figure out his real name).
The Climax
Since this is an easy read, and the vocabulary is pretty simple, I would recommend this for 6th grade and up. Girls would probably like this book better than boys would because the main character is a girl.
One Came Home
By: Amy Timberlake

Main Character
- Georgie Burkhardt: 13 years old;very determined to find her sister throughout the book; entire book is in her point of view.
Other Important Characters
- Billy McCabe: The boy whom Georgie goes to Dog Hollow with
- Agatha Burkhardt: Georgie's sister who runs away with "pigeoners" at the beginning of the book
- Ma Burkhardt: Georgie's mother
Rising Action
Rising Action (cont.)
Rising Action (cont.)
Rising Action (cont.)
Event #2: Georgie goes to the McCabe's to go
get a horse ,for five dollars, for her journey to Dog Hollow.
Event #1: Agatha runs away with "pigeoners"
after Georgie blurts out something private.
Event #3: Billy and Georgie go to the Garrow's
home in Dog Hollow to see if they know anything about Agatha. Mr. and Mrs. Garrow say they don't.
Event #4: As they are about to go home,
Georgie discovers an underground cave
and Billy tags along. They find five-dollar
bank notes inside the cave.
Blog Spot
Two girls: Blog Spot
Boy: Clker
Prezi Images
True Amsterdam
When people work together, they can achieve
a goal- sometimes one unintended.
Mountain pic: Peter Stark
Flag: Prezi Images
Antique Bank Notes
Antique Money
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