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Linux vs Microsoft

No description

Hayley Goodall

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Linux vs Microsoft

What do operating systems do?
Your operating system is a very important component within your computer's system software. Everything on your computer needs an operating system so they are able to run. It is a collection of software that will manage your computers hard drive.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operating_system Operating Systems... They are also responsible for everything from the control panel and the allocated memory to the external devices and transmitting outputs which are on the computer displays. They manage your files which are within the computer and the peripherals for example like the printers or the mouse. There are two main tasks within the operating system:
Number one: making sure the operating system is running nicely along with the other applications on the computer, limiting the capacity of the system to its greater good for the users.
Number two: More than one computer is going to be using the operating system. A consistent application program interface which will allow the software to develop and will work on another computer of the same type but with different memory or storage. Utilities is a software program that is added to your computer to improve its performance. Including; anti virus, backup, disk repair etc. some utility programmes help keep unwanted software away from your computer such as spy ware, others allow you to make changes such as screen savers. Basically they improve your computers performance by getting rid of anything that is unwanted within your computers system. Anti-virus
Norton protects your computer from different malware that could damage it. When it detects a virus it will remove it from your computer while also informing you that you had a virus on your computer, if the file is safe then it will be highlighted with a green tick and if you scan your computer for viruses then it will tell you how many viruses it found and if they have being solved or not, then it will tell you your computer is safe. It protects your personal details and your passwords which prevents them from being stolen by hackers etc. The price range for Norton anti-virus for one year it would cost £39.99 or for two years it would cost £64.99
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norton_AntiVirus Security... Firewalls are mainly used for large company or company's that are networked from being attacked. risk for being attacked. Basically it is a barrier to prevent people from looking or intruding your computers details and files within the computer. It is called firewall because it keeps a fire (virus) away from your computer and other computers. Firewalls are also used to protect your home computer from offensive internet pages and potential hackers.
The name firewall originates from a special wall used in construction to prevent fires or to slow fires down so it wouldn't spread as fast as it would originally do. a computer firewall is a specialized software, its main job is to block unauthorized and unwanted traffic from entering your computers system. Firewalls Clean up tools Disk Defragmation is when the system on your hardware can be improved to go faster.
Fragmentation makes your hard drive go slower because it is making your hard drive do extra work meaning your computer will slow down.
You would have to decide if your computer will need defragging, you would analyze the disk to see if it is needed.
The time range for defragmation is from 7 minutes to a couple of hours this depends on how fragmented your computer is. You should defrag your computer when it is over 10%. you are still able to use your computer while it is defragging.
To defrag your computer you would need to go on: All programmes- accessories- system tools- disk defragmation and then your computer would scan and see if your computer needs defragging and it would then defrag if needed. When a harddrive is new the disk is empty apart from any operating system that is stored on it, as you work and save files and add programmes it becomes full. As it becomes full files get scattered across the disk this is called fragmentation, by running defragmentation ou are organising files which then frees up space. Deletion of Internet History, this is a simple way of improving your computers speed. Everything you have visited on the internet is saved in your history and some details of the site you have visited, this can potentially slow your computer down so by deleting these then it will regain speed. Whereas this can be helpful with the computers history, saving information because it would prevent you from having to type everything in again, your computer will have already remembered the website and will automatically end the page site for you. Removal of Cookies this is also a simple way to enhance your computers performance. most website have cookies to offer a personalized experience from the website, also enriching your experience and allowing the site to remember you. This would come in handy because it would prevent you from having to write details in every time you buy something for example. a downside from having cookies is that they slow down your browsing, also they can put your privacy at risk by tracking the sites you have being on. Sometimes having cookies and you buy something from the website they will send you emails giving you different deals or websites that have something similar.
To delete cookies and internet history you would go on Control panel- Network and Internet- Delete browsing history and cookies and this will begin deleting. Drive Formatting This is advisable when your computer becomes too clogged with data and begins to perform slowly. If a virus was to enter your disk it will damage your whole hard drive. Viruses or spyware can sometimes corrupt windows to the stage where is it unable to be repaired. If you reformatted windows it would wipe your hard drive so that you are able to start again, this would remove any problems that you may of had before. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_Cleanup Software Utilities Use of software utilities to improve your computers performance...
It is important that your computer is maintained regularly to prevent your computer from crashing and to help optimize your computers performance. Software utilities offer some security in a form of virus protection and firewalls.
http://myschoolassignment.weebly.com/software-utilities.html Software Utilities will help your computer some of the Software Utilites that will help your computer maintain speed are:
Security- this will improve the speed of your computer because it will prevent your computer from catching viruses that will make your computer slower, this is also helpful because it will prevent you from having to pay for a professional to get rid of the virus, it will also protect your from hackers. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071213092755AA22wiR
Clean up tools- Clean up tools make your computer go faster because it will find unnecessary files and hidden malware and trojans the clean up tool will defrag your computer and it will be back at its appropriate speed. this will be helpful because it will prevent you from having to spend large amounts to get it fixed. http://www.ehow.com/list_6879121_pc-cleanup-tools.html
Drive Formatting- this allows you to clear your hard drive so that it is practically new again. the computer will run faster and efficiently because their is more room on the computer so their is nothing holding it down, this allows you to listen to music and do multiple things at the same time without the computer running slowly. http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4673677_hard-drive-increase-computer-performance.html When you defrag your computer it doesn't have to search for files that have being scattered across the hard drive this means that it will speed up your computer because it will not have to look through all that scattered files allowing you to do tasks faster.
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