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Gun Control: pros and cons

No description

Virginie GRUNDY

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Gun Control: pros and cons

In support of gun control
Too many people are killed by handguns (far more than in many other countries)
Many victims of firearms are kids
who play with their parents' guns.
Guns are not just deterrents or used for
self-defense, they are used to kill.
The American society is in a crisis:
kids have access to guns too easily
Guns do not make us safer:
if they did, the USA would be
the safest place on Earth!
There have been too many assassinations, murders, accidents due to firearms.
Americans do not need guns anymore! They are not cowboys fighting their way to the West (The Frontier).
Times have changed since the 2nd amendment was passed!
People who fight against gun control are paranoid about the government taking over their lives.
Against gun control
Owning a gun makes you a free man who can take control over his own life.
You don't depend on the police or the government to protect you and your family.
There are more important problems in the USA. We should not waste time by making pointless legislation.
Most gun owners
never kill anybody.
The right to bear arms is written in the Constitution.

It's a basic human right to be able to defend oneself
Many people can testify that
guns save lives.
Disarming the population
will increase criminality
Firearm ownership is
a God-given right
It is part of our
national identity.
The problem is not guns:
it's the state of our society!
The media and the violence they promote is the problem, not guns!
Parents do not look after their kids properly, they are too liberal.
Banning guns would start
internal warfare here!
It's too easy to shoot, it's better to
learn to argue your case.
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