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Finale Project

The Lion King

Norma Rubio

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Finale Project

The Lion King Hero's Journey Lion King Released: June 24, 1994 in the U.S Matthew Broderick as Adult Simba Lead Actors Name: Simba
Age: Unkown
Gender: Male Lion
Introduced: Simba is introduced in the begining of the movie. His father, Mufasa, made a ceremony for his birth in which all the animals of the Pride Lands come to. Director Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff Won LAFCA Award because of Lion King Writer Irene Mecchi & Jonathan Roberts
and 27 more credits Film Studio: Production Co: Walt Disney Studio Walt Disney Pictures James Earl Jones as Mufasa Jeremy Irons as Scar The Hero The Ordinary World Simba's ordinary world would be in the Pride Lands with his parents friends and all the lions and animals of the Pride Lands He would send time with his father, Mufasa, get himself into some trouble and hang out with his best friend Nala The Meeting With The Mentor Rafiki and Simba meet when he is just a newborn cub. But because he had left the Pride Lands Simba does not remember him but they meet again when Rafiki discovers that he is alive and wants him to understand that he has to come back and save what is left of the Pride Lands Name: Rafiki
Gender: Male
Short Bio: Rafiki is a very dear and old friend of Mufasa, and as the film goes further he becomes a dear friend of Simba as well. He presented Simba to the Pride Lands in the ceremony. He is wise and old but has a very playful side to himself. Rafiki the mentor I choose this film because In my opinion is a good story Reminds me of my childhood Teaches you that no matter what happens you must always fight for whats yours Description of the Hero As a young lion cub Simba could not wait to be king and thought that because he was in thrown for the role as king he could command Zazu. In the beginning of the film Simba is introduced as a young lion cub. As the movie goes further he starts to grow up to the point where he is an adult lion. Believes he had killed his father, Mufasa. But truly his uncle, Scar killed him. Because he believes this he feels as though he should not be the king and runs from the Pride Lands. Refusal To the Call Simba refuses to go back because he feels guilty of killing his father. Nala tries to encourage him to go back even after his refuse, explaining how everyone thought he was dead, what Scar has done to The Pride Lands, and how much his mother has missed him. After Simba runs away due to the fact that he believes he is responsible for his father’s death, he meets Timon & Pumba, and they take him to live with them. One day Nala is seeking for help as well as food and finds Pumba she starts to attack him and then Timon comes in and she is hunting for both of them. Simba then comes in and fights Nala once she pins Simba to the ground he realizes who she is at first Nala did not recognize Simba but after a while she recognized him. Nala tells Simba he has to return to Pride Lands and take his role as rightful king. The Mentor The Call To Adventure The Second Call To Adventure Rafiki finds Simba and tells him his father is alive and he follows him he will show him. Simba follows him to a pond where Rafiki tells him to take a look, Simba is disappointed and tells him that’s not my father that’s just my reflection. Rafiki then tells him to take a closer look, Simba then looks into the water once more and in his reflection he see’s his father. The Amulet Simba decides to leave Paradise, Timon and Pumba’s home, and heads to the Pride Lands. Knowing his responsibility and that he has to fight his uncle to gain back the role as king as well as the Pride Lands. He knows it wont be easy but he goes to protect his kingdom Crossing the First Threshold The Belly of the Whale When Simba is running back to the Pride Lands he knows he is leaving his childhood in Paradise and because of this he is now ready to take his place as King. The Hero Reborn and Recommittedto the Journey Road of Trials: Trial 1 Road of Trials: Trial 2 Road of Trials: Trial 3 Helper 1 Name: Timon Best Friend: Pumba How He Knows The Hero:
Took Simba to his home (Paradise). Short Bio: Timon is a prairie dog, whose best friend is Pumba. Pumba and Timon live in Paradise together. He helps Simba as a child. Famous Quotes By Timon:
"The monkey's his uncle?"
"You mean a bunch of ead guys are looking at us?" Helper 2 Name: Pumba Best Friend: Timon How He Knows The Hero: Took Simba to his home (Paradise). Saved him from being eaten alive by vulters. Famous Quote by Pumba:
“SHE'S GONNA EAT ME!” Helper 3 Name: Nala Best Friend: Simba How She Knows The Hero: As lion cubs they were best friends and were always playing together Short Bio: Nala is Simba’s childhood bestfriend he would always take her along with his adventures. Towards the middle/end Simba and Nala notice strong feelings for each other Famous Quotes By Nala:
Simba, I'm kinda in the middle of a bath. Climax Mufasa's death
Simba's return to the pride Lands
Scar and Simba's battle while the lions and hyenas are fighting as well
Simba becoming king The Return Threshold The Return When Simba returns to the Pride Lands he can not believe what once was his kingdom.

there use to light in every inch of the Pride Lands but because Scar has ruled for years there is no ray of sunshine now.

All the animals but the lions and hyenas have left the Pride lands

There is no more food for the lions or hyenas to eat, because there is nothing to hunt for. Elixir/Gift/Boon After the hyenas kill Scar, Simba goes up Pride Rock as it is raining, pauses for a moment to hear his fathers words from the sky and take his spot as King. The Hero at Journey’s End: How did the hero change? As a cub Simba could not wait to be king to command Zazu but as an adult he knew that being king was not about commanding anyone it was about protecting his land and the animals in the Pride Lands.
Simba changed a lot from the beginning to the end. From believing that he was responsible for his fathers death to running away from his home. Simba learned that no matter what happens he must always stay by the Kingdom and protect it.
Just like his father Simba became king of the Pride Lands and will fight for his Kingdom as well as his family and his newborn daughter The memory of his father Simba goes to the Elephat grave yard
Simba lives with Timon and Pumba in the Paradise The death of his father Running away from his mother, friends and all of Pride Land because he thought he was responsible for his fathers death Simba had to choose rather to go back to the Pride Lands and leave his childhood behind or stay in Paradise “Run, Run away Scar and never” return~ Simba Simba does not want to be like Scar and kill a family member instead he decides to let Scar live but banish him from the Pride Lands. Simba says the exact words Scar had told him when he thought he had killed his father. "Hakuna Matta"~ Timon&Pumba This is a phrase Timon and Pumba teach Sima when they let him come and live withthem in Paradise. This phrase means no worries for the rest of your days. This is also a song in which we see Simba starting to grow into an adult lion. "Simba its to DIE for"~ Scar

Scar tells this to Simba because Simba asks him if he will like what his father will tell him. Scar choses these exact words because he is planning on killing both his brother and nephew. When Simba is fighting Scar he slips and tries to climb back up but Scar like he did with Mufasa grabs his paws with his claws and pushes him but unlike Mufasa he did not kill him. Citations 2004. n.p. Web. 10 Jan 2013. <http://www.lionkingpride.net/graphicscaptlk.html>.

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