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Instructions for Password Reset Wizard

Reset all your Cabrini passwords at once

Cabrini ITR

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Instructions for Password Reset Wizard

The Password Reset Wizard (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr domain does not expire CabriniOne expires every library databases
on-campus computers
wireless registration CabriniOne
Cabrini Learn (Blackboard)
Mail.cabrini.edu library
on-campus computers CabriniOne
Bb Vista
Webmail Two separate Cabrini passwords Part 1 of 2:
Set Up The Wizard 1st step 2nd step 3rd step Start Part 2 of 2:
Use The Wizard 5th step Finished 6th step Last step 4th Step Open a new internet window
and go to Click Continue Click the "Setup" or
"Change your settings" button Fill out the form and press OK Choose a Security Question and Answer Choose your New Password Choose a Hint that will remind you what your new password is library
on-campus computers CabriniOne
Bb Vista
Webmail Need Help?
Call 610-902-8366 Answer your
security question Go to https://accounts.cabrini.edu but don't log in this time Click the
"Help! I forgot
my password" link
under the Sign In button Enter your SSN or College ID, birthdate (MM/DD/YY), username (eg: abc123) and home zip code used for used for 3 months Log in with
your username
and CabriniOne password https://accounts.cabrini.edu back No Person On File Solution:
Try a different zip code or remove @cabrini.edu from the user-id field
Close out of your web browser,
then re-enter Long Error about Cookies
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