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1920's Jazz

Jazz music influence on culture in the 1920's and realtion to the great Gatsbty

jazzcassdom george

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of 1920's Jazz

1920's Jazz Over all social inspiration Attire with a Jazz-y Attitude! Dancing the nights away About Jazz Leading up to the Jazz Age Ties to The Great Gatsby Bibliography The Jazz music in The Great Gatsby defines the expectations and dream of the 1920s era that people are surrounded by Gatsby - wealth and success
Jazz influences the people around it because of the atmosphere it creates 1) Nick goes to Gatsby's party (Ch 2) Jazz is an integral part of the turning point of the story in chapter 7 2) When Tom confronts Gatsby about his affair with Daisy (Ch 7) It encourages people to socialize and act without thinkin about the consequences.. being impulsive Causes
Harlem Renaissance
Women's liberation and voting rights
WW1 Began in New Orleans, Chicago, New York "It was a decade of elegence, a time of
spirit and creativity" (Boldand). Men
"Jazz suit" to "zoot suit" (Gangster suit)
High waist oversized coat Women
Straight flat angles
Emphasis on HIPS not waist.
"Provided older men with brief skirts and bobbed hair and cavalier use of make up and cigarettes" (Roaring Twenties). Ragtime
Birth of the Shimmy!!!!! "Old timers thought this new dancing was indecent due to the night clubbing and parties (ie: physical contact of partners)" (1920s Dancing). Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington Coco Chanel made her first appearence Inspired people to become more outspoken and confident in their rebelliosness against the government and to express themselves in a new way. "Jazz is not the result of choosing a tune, but an ideal that is created first in the mind, inspired by ones passion and willed next in playing music" (Jazz Definition). Instruments-
brass = trumpets, saxaphones and trombones
guitars 1- "Roaring Twenties." United States History. Web. 1 June 2011. 2- 3- 4- Boldand, Jesse. "The 1920s: Fashion in The Jazz Age". 1920s Fashion and Music. Web. 1 June 2011. "1920s Dancing". 1920-30. 2005. Web. 1 June 2011. "Jazz Definition." A Passion for Jazz. 1998. Web. 1 June 2011 Cassie Scantlin
Dominique George
Jazzmin Perry
AP English 11 pd. 6 The Jazz music drifts up from the wedding below, and since jazz originated from illegal and immoral activities in speakeasis and through boot legging, the fact that it is playing at a wedding and while there is an affair going on makes it seem like its ok and not as bad as it really is 3) Describing Daisy and the facade society puts on "summing up the sadness and suggestiveness of life in new tunes. All night the saxophones wailed the hopeless comment of the Beale Street Blues.."
Daisy has been surrounded with a society that has no sense of depth or meaning and the Jazz represents the despair of a young woman in a fake world - one with no meaning and no way to escape
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