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P1, Unit 5, Lesson 2

No description

Mary Fountain

on 29 May 2017

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Transcript of P1, Unit 5, Lesson 2

Steps to follow to make your own transfer.
Mod Podge Transfer
Mixed Media in Photography
After you have re-sized your image, prepare to print. Take a label and stick it to the fabric. Proceed by cutting the excess fabric from around the edge of the label so that there is no over-hang. Press the fabric out so that there are no bubbled up areas, finish by removing any loose strands/strings. You are now ready to print!
Mod Podge Method
Printing Directly on Fabric
Your Project
Printing directly onto fabric is easy and can be done with a simple inkjet printer, large sticky label, and fabric.
To begin this process, photograph an interesting subject or scene. You only get one piece of printed fabric so make it a nice image.

Once you have decided upon your image, re-size your photo in Photoshop so that the dimensions are 5x8 and the resolution is at least 150.
For your assignment you must take 6 photographs in which you will cover your 4"x3.5"x2" block.
Keep in mind the size of photographs you must account for.
4 of the 6 sides are long and skinny
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Quick and EASY!
Mod Podge Method
Mixed Media Collages
Your Project
Transferring photographs to wood (or other materials such as canvas or cardboard) using MOD PODGE is very simple.

What is Mod Podge?

Answer: a type of "glue" that can be used for a variety of purposes, most often, collaging or decoupage. The substance is used to glue things down or as a protective layer in lieu of another more toxic substance such as varnish.
This project will require you to create a collage (2d or 3d) that incorporates one fabric photograph. This photograph should be at the center of your project's theme. All of your aesthetic decisions should be based upon the photograph and each element must connect to the image in someway.

You may use painting, sewing, building, etc to create your visual collage.
Here are some examples by contemporary artists:

Photo Transfer Methods
Step 1:Gather materials.
Wood or other material
plain white paper
Step 2: Photograph and print.
These images do not have to be super high quality so you may use your phone to take the pictures. When finished photographing, re-size the images by opening them in a word document and toggling the size by dragging the corners in or out.
Step 3: Transferring the image.
Coat one side of your block with a medium amount of mod podge, not too thin, not too thick.

Place printed image FACE DOWN onto mod podge.

Allow MP to dry completely. A heat gun can expedite this process.

Once dry, dampen the paper and begin slowly, and lightly rubbing away the paper backing of the images.
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