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The US adventure (2013/14)

No description

Eva Rez

on 1 January 2015

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Transcript of The US adventure (2013/14)

How it all started?
Orientation day in Reno
The best start for your new life:
Meet other Fulbright scholars
Get familiar with your new environment
Explore another place than your hosting state/city

Settled in San Fran

Initial challenges:
Apt hunting
Bank account, mobile phone, SSN...
Fulbright administration
Check-in at GGU

Studying in the US
Less subjects, more work at GGU:
Venture capital & the start-up buzz!
Behavioral finance & the family atmosphere
Personal financial planning & the case studies

Life in the Fulbright community
Welcome events: breakfast, tour, movie...
The Opera House
AND the Fulbright seminar in Portland, OR!

The American culture
Walking tours in San Fran
Sport events: baseball, NBA, Super Bowl
Concerts, plays
Festivals: Bluegrass, Santa Con, Easter
Sugar :)

From the stock exchange to the start-up world:
Presentation in San Mateo about the stock exchange
Volunteering for Keiretsu Forum
Attending start-up events
Now working for a Hungarian VC

Don't forget to travel!
Thank you for this wonderful year!
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