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gena smith

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Bagel

Types of Bagels
Bagel vs Donut
The History of Bagels
The Truth about Bagels
Which is Healthier?
When the Jewish people first came to North America in the 1800s, they brought with them the bagel. The majority of the Jewish people went to Chicago and New York, where bagels are very popular (Balinska, 2016).
The Bagel in North America
In actuality, the bagel is thought to originate sometime in the mid 1500s. It was made in Krakow, Poland as an alternative to the Obwarzanek. Bagels, or bajgiels as they were formerly known as, were given to midwives after they had successfully delivered a baby (Balinska, 2016).
Donuts are typically sweet; they can be filled with custards and jams, and topped with glazes or sugar. They are deep fried, which gives them a crispy outer layer (Williams, 2016).
Bagels tend to be on the savory side of baking, with flavours such as herb and cheese, sesame seed, and plain. They are also boiled before being baked, so that the crust sets and the bagel will not rise as much (Williams, 2016).
Thanks for watching!
After the Battle of Vienna was won by King John III Sobieski, a baker was so grateful that he baked the King of Poland the worlds first-ever bagel. The king was a well-known horseman, so the baker tried to shape it like a stirrup. And so the bagel was born! ("The Bagel," 2016)
Created by Scott Rossillo 20 years ago, after he posted a video online a few years ago they became very popular (Ferdman, 2016). His store in New York City, The Bagel Store, always has a 3 hour line up outside. People come from all over the world to try the rainbow bagel, which is usually topped with funfetti cream cheese (Rossillo, 2016).
Rainbow Bagel
Montreal Style Bagels
The Montreal style bagel was brought over to Montreal with Jewish Immigrants in 1880. A man named Isadore Schlafman opened Fairmount Bagel in 1949, and when he was building his bakery he found a brick wood burning oven ("The Montreal Style Bagel | Montreal Bagels vs. NY Bagels | Kettleman’s Bagel Co.", 2012). He began cooking his bagels in this oven, and they were immediately a hit.
Montreal style bagels aren't your regular bagel! To make them even better, they are boiled in large kettles of honey water and rolled by hand. They have no salt in them and are baked in wood fire ovens, which gives them a crispy exterior and a soft interior ("The Montreal Style Bagel | Montreal Bagels vs. NY Bagels | Kettleman’s Bagel Co.", 2012).
The History of Montreal Bagels
Lox is one of the most common toppings found on a bagel. It is thinly sliced salmon that has been cured in salty water. The word Lox is derived from the Yiddish word for salmon, which is laks. Traditonally there are two ways to make it. The first is by smoking it, like the Native Americans did so they could use it to trade. The second is the more common way, which is by preserving it in salt water like the Scandinavian fishermen used to do (Spivey, 2015). Typically, a bagel with lox also has cream cheese, capers, and red onion.
Cream Cheese
In 1872, William Lawrence made the first ever brick of cream cheese. He was trying to make a lesser known french cheese, Neufchatel. Neufchatel has only milk, but Lawrence added cream as well. He began selling it in Philedelphia, wrapped in foil ("Philadelphia History - Cream Cheese", 2016).

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