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Genetics Unit Plan

No description

William Barber

on 25 March 2018

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Transcript of Genetics Unit Plan

Overview on Genetics
Dominant trait
-Always expressed with capital letters, todays example is E.( For almond shape eyes)
Recessive trait-
Always expressed with lower-case letters, todays example is e.
Genetics Unit Plan
Willie Barber


Question: Where do you think blue eyes came from?
1. Write it down on post-it for 1 minute.
2. Next take your post it note and pass it to a person next to you, or behind you.
3. Read their answer, is it similar do you agree/disagree share out.
No (other) Food or drink in the lab.
2. Do not throw candy at each other.
3. No running in the science lab.
4. Make sure no candy is eaten until After the entire activity is over.
Color of flower
Letters of genes
1.Students will be using both skittles and M&Ms, to demonstrate two different traits.
2. Skittles will be dominant, M&Ms will be recessive.
3. Students will mix an even 10 skittles and 10 M&Ms in the male/female cup.
4. Partners will go through 25 trials creating combinations, to see the chances of showing a dominant phenotype vs. a recessive.
5. If you would like to create your own trait you may...
if to stressful go with
E: Almond shape eyes
e. round eyes
Share out & Draw:

Draw your most common Phenotype & Genotype with your partner
1. Share with class what is the highest chance of your child's trait based on today's scenario.
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