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No description

Martha Gilroy

on 6 September 2010

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Transcript of Rubrics

Rubrics What are rubrics??
A rubric is a scoring or rating guide, typically intended to evaluate something. Two Types of Rubrics:
Analytic and holistic Structured in two dimensions:
1) identify characteristics or componenets of the outcome being accessed
2) identify and describe levels of performance for each component.
describe what various levels of performance look like
articulate the criteria against which student work or learning is judged
provides an objective guide for assessment.
improves student performance
allow assessment to be more objective and consisitent.

objective (focus on the measurement)
range (to rate performance)
degree (that standard has been met) 3 Common Features: Benefits: Common Rubrics: Is everybody on the same page??
every class uses the same rubric format so students know expectations and outcome. Students understand grading and see where mistakes were made. Formative assessment because it helps to drive instruction. Empowers student and learning becomes more focused and self directed Rubrics allows the student to see the expectations and outcomes and decide for her/himself what he/she wants to accomplish. The End Analytic:
Assess multiple criteria across several levels of achievement.
Assigns a few levels of performance that emcompasses several critieria. What is the difference between analytic and holistic rubrics?
Analytic rubrics identify and assess components of a finished product.
Holistic rubrics assess student work as a whole.
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