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Using Prezi for presentations.

No description

Jeremy Huntsinger

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Using Prezi for presentations.

Aren’t dazzling
Aren’t glaring
Don’t fight
Using Prezi!
Prezi offers
fun new environment

Prezi tools allow you to use
embedded web content with ease
You can now create choices in your presentations.
So choose
Embed video
Branching paths
Upload PowerPoints
How to Embed YouTube videos into your Prezi Presentation
Get the YouTube link for the video.
Go to the media button at the top of the page and then select the
Once you've inserted the video place it in a frame and you can play the video directly from your Prezi Presentation.
from YouTube
How to make Branching Paths in Prezi
Branching Paths are really just a slide within a slide.
The best way to do it is to make a blank frame.
It is all a matter of putting the frames in another frame.
Go Back
Next slide
Then you need to edit the path.
It will give you a very different view of your slides.
Grab the plus sign between slides to alter the path.
You can then drag these to new or old slides.
Making new paths look like new slides.

It is best to plan for slides to return back
to where they come.
You can Insert all your PowerPoint slides into Prezi
No need recreate the wheel.
Provides new options.
Far more dynamic.

Now lets get serious
Try to have one object
Only two colors
Example: Black and White
Everything should relate

Less is more

Quick and Easy

Quick and easy
Big text
Simple Layout

What makes a good slide?

To Engage the students
In You
Focus on the lesson
Have a bit of fun
The Goal

Guides the audience
Directs them
Doesn’t distract
Quickly gets the information
Flowing text


Less is more
Make it clear
Pick calm colors
It all should flow together
Simple Layout

Back to basics for now
Though I’m sure I can do more here
I really think these slides need more color
Vibrant words work right?

So that didn’t work

Why make it simple?

This is inviting!
Gee now I want to be there.
Is anyone listening?
I think I’ve gone blind…

Big Text

By Jeremy Huntsinger

PowerPoint Basics

Seven Blunders of the World
Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Knowledge without character
Commerce without morality
Science without humanity
Worship without sacrifice
Politics without principle

Text size is something that people end up using to fit more content on one slide.
Sometimes it gets big
What about indented?

Title 38 thru 44
Standard text 28 thru 32
As for indents
Use for simple clarification


Making your slides Quick and Easy to read helps let your students Focus on your presentation.
Easy relates to the amount of information you leave for your students to look at, they will copy everything from your slides. This takes attention away from you.

Focus on you
Less is more
Key terms
6 to 10 seconds long

Quick and Easy

More Clear Options

Textures can work too
Make sure they don’t clash
Transparency helps

Make it Clear

You can use backgrounds
Leave them in the back
Provide a flat surface

Genghis Khan was born near the Baikal lake (in present Russia), in 1167. His true name was Temojin. He was son of Yesugei, head and leader Mongol, and great-grandchild of Kabul Khan, leader of Mongols that, supposedly, poisoned by the Tartars.

Early age he was left orphan and the age of thirteen years it happened to its father like tribal head. During its early reign he had to face the revolts of his tribes and besides to put under in his subjects won his hostile neighbors and after twenty- five years of bloody fights, in 1206 he dominated almost all Mongolia and he was named in the assembly of the dominated tribes like Genghis Khan, universal leader, (chêng-sze, in Chinese 'valiant soldier' in Turk khan, 'Sir'), the city of Karakorum (Karakoram) was designated like his capital.

This should work now.

Everyone likes gold

You ok with images?

Hard to please eh?

Go to the PowerPoint Button in the Tool Bar
To the right you will see your slides
Select a few
Or all of them
Inserting all gives you templates for dramatic slide layouts!

Check the add a path between slides to easily setup the paths for your slides.
Calm colors
They attract attention
They compliment
They relax
Frames come in 4 styles
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