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No description

Fatima Salem

on 25 December 2014

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Transcript of Space

Let us read the cards that I put for us on our tables silently
Hello .. my name is Adam, and this is my wonderful spaceship
does our beloved friend Adam need in order to live in the Space?
Adam needs
Calling from the earth
Hello students today we will go to the hyper market are you ready
What do you need to buy from the hypermarket?
Speak about what happened in the hypermarket, what do learned, and like during this trip with at least ten full properly sentences.
Tomorrow we will go to science center, so be ready..
Let's act
How the transportation evolved?
Let's act
Create your own car using the shapes
One night you saw a spaceship landing on the ground, and three people were getting out from it. Describe these people, and then draw them.
Hello again, How are you my friends?
Do you want to go to the space again?
Let's go
Imagine how we can live on the sun ?
Talk about your own star in the space
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