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Google Docs in ELT

British Council Moscow 28/03/13

Liudmila Zakharova

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Google Docs in ELT

A contest for the
best Google Docs activity! What are Google Docs? Google Docs in ELT Create or upload documents Tests! Tests! Tests! Use Google Forms to create neat-looking and easy to use:
surveys and questionnaires
registration and feedback forms
tests and quizzes Docs and Presentations in ELT Stay organized British Council, 28 March 2013
Moscow Foreign Language Teachers' Association Liudmila Zakharova Online documents, presentations, spreadsheets, tests and quizzes that can be accessed from any computer or smart mobile device It's free, you only need to create a Google account at accounts.google.com Your students don't need to register People can collaborate on a document simultaneously. You can see all the changes in real time and revert to older versions when needed Docs is now a part of Google Drive - a cloud file storage Create documents and presentations just like you would have done it in Microsoft Office Upload the documents you already have and convert them to Google Docs Share and collaborate! Invite your students to collaborate with a link or an email invitation You can let them edit the document or just view it Teacher-student and student-student interaction Different students brainstorming answers to the same questions Different students work on different questions then the class can work with the whole document (e.g. jigzaw reading tasks, webquests, etc.) Peer feedback, editing and correction Working on separate slides of a presentation, according to the task, but keeping it logical and cohesive Mixed-ability classes! Add Flubaroo script to make your tests computer-gradable! Immediately analyze data with graphs, charts and spreadsheets Search through all the documents in your Google Drive Collaborate on documents with colleagues instead of sending attachments back and forth Create resource folders with lesson plans, short activities, songs, poems and chants, flashcards, etc. Keep your portfolio in the cloud to access it from anywhere Create a Google Docs task that an English teacher can use in or outside classroom Write teacher notes with the title, level, topic and short instructions for the teacher Send it to mosfla@mail.ru by 28 April Win a prize! Thank you!
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