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Captain Morgan , Marketing presentation

No description

Fanni Pókecz

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Captain Morgan , Marketing presentation

Importance of the Captain Morgan Character to brand’s identity . Does the character appeal to its target market?
"Brand identity is the way a business wants a brand’s name, communication style , logo and other visual elements to be perceived by consumers."
What would Remain if we removed the Captain Morgan character?
The captain plays a central role in the new Brand identity .
-Facebook Page, humorous and up to date .
-Public appearances eg the Rose of Tralee campaign
These activities help to create greater exposure for the Brand and strengthen Brand identity.

The importance of consumer segmentation-
segmentation eg . Age 18-24 but other variables such as Purchase behaviour is
also very important.
The Character helps to reach these segments.
Easily relatable extrovert personality . This can help to create a
Brand Loyal costumer base.

Does the Character Appeal to the 18-24 age group?
So what would remain?
Nothing left to be associated with.
The Name , the logo, the commercials and the
unique brand personality are all
revolving around the Character.

The Brand identity couldn't exist without the Character.
Captain Morgan is a spirit brand produced by Diageo , the owner of some of the biggest drinks Brands I.e Baileys , Smirnoff etc. \

It was first launched in the US in 1983 .

The drink is inspired by a 17th century Welsh Buccaneer Captain Henry Morgan.

The Brand was relaunched in Ireland in 2008 under the new Brand name
“ Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold.”

Describe and Evaluate the objectives of the 3 Social Media Campaigns used by Captain Morgans.

The "Rose of Tralee" campaign

Annual International competition
July 2010 - Petition: Captain made an escort for the ROT festival
Appearance : major talking point

Media coverage for Brand
petition to sign -PR hook & negotiations
"honorary escort"
mentoring support & relationship counselling- escorts & looked after roses
Facebook page-diary of events
Result : simple petition = widespread media & national coverage

"The Captains Cup" campaign

Early 2010
Irish captain & 3 crew members
Captains Cup in South Africa in July 2010
Fun & quirky challenges via FB page
Online encouragement
Competition : each national team particapate in challenges
"Reveal the captain in them"
Sold out National Finals Announcement party
Results : 448 teams entered, 35,000 views , 1,500 fb page impressions
Good news: Irish team went on to win the cup- beating 9 other nations!!

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Vanda Pokecz
Tim Schmidt
Fanni Pokecz
Aoife Phillips
“ Captain Morgan is an iconic Brand which is all about the fun and Partying”
by Graham Villiers-Tuthill

The "Dare the Captain" campaign

15th October 2009- 1,180 fans
Drive word of mouth & increase in Irish fan no.s online
Focus: DTC to do something legendary when he was next in Ireland
Winning dare carried out by Captain , filmed and uploaded
1st= 1,000 euro prize , 2nd = 8gb ipod nanos
Online advertising & partnership with Metro AM - 100,000 circulation
Winner: Carl Malone from wicklow- Wax museum & scare passers by- viral video .
Result : 10,561 fans in 2 weeks & Sales July-Dec 102% increase

Initiatives Used on the Facebook Page
to Engage with the Target Market
A relatable character: It is the Captain communicating through the Facebook page giving a youthful feel to the brand.

Viral photos and videos: Including the Captain and in some cases celebrities.

Competitions and petitions: most of them are shared on the page
.This way more people get the chance to engage in the experience.

Fan interactions: the page makes it easier for Captain Morgan to communicate with the fans and in addition it is a great platform for fans to interact with each other.

Captain Morgan realised that a large portion of the target market was spending lots of time online and saved themselves millions by using social media as a free form of advertising.

Through social media they got the opportunity to reach a greater number of people with their campaigns.

Essentially the three campaigns that were previously mentioned proved very effective. They became a challenging and interactive medium for their fans to get invloved in a way that benefited both sides.

By using Facebook Captain Morgan got the opportunity to engage with its target market through videos, photos and the playful tone used. The use of the page definitely helped the brand in reaching such a great number of people but without the character all this wouldn't have been possible as the Captain is such an integral part of the brand identity.
Why do you think Diageo shied away from using ‘traditional’ advertising media to promote the Captain Morgan brand in the Irish market? Why were online and social media relied upon so heavily?
Diageo uses conventional advertising for other products
Diageo's 360 degree marketing strategy
Change in behaviour of target market
To create a two way interactive relationship
Experiential marketing experience
To get ahead of compeditors
Thank you.
Any questions?
No? All right
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