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Niyam Dharma

No description

Nimit Doshi

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Niyam Dharma

Catskills -1986
Catskills 1986 - six niyams
1. Attend sabha regularly.

2. Do daily Puja to help keep a regular rapport with Maharaj and Swamishri.

3. Study Hard. We are at present at the prime of our educational era. Studying and regular reading helps us to obtain a clearer understanding of the world.

4. Dismiss bad company for it is bad company that leads us off the road to liberation and to a dead end. By mixing with a kusang crowd, we are lured away from the Satsang family and pushed into going to parties, garbas, eating out, watching movies, etc.

5. “Maatru devo bhava, Pitru devo bhava.” Respect your mother and father as you respect God. Your parents were your first gurus, they taught you right from wrong. Satsang is also our family.

6. Satsang reading to develop a more firm background in the knowledge of our sanstha. This also helps us to get rid of our doubts and makes us more educated in what we believe in.
-“One who has faith in God coupled with the knowledge of his greatness never disobeys the words of God; he does as God says.”

Potato Chips
Niyam Dharma
Main Point
Niyams are the only way to maintain satsang when we have no physical attachment to it. It’s our bond when all else fails.

Why Niyams? Living Right

- Aarti-Bhagubhai of Radhu
-Tilak Chandlo-Driving car in Nairobi

‘That one who abides by these rules will enjoy happiness in this world.’

Renouncing All
“For the sake of God and the Sant, one who has faith in God and His Sant coupled with the knowledge of their greatness would renounce his family, renounce any fear of public ridicule, renounce his kingdom, renounce pleasure, renounce wealth, renounce his wife, and in the case of a woman, she would renounce her husband.”
Conviction during Temptation
Dungar Bhakta

Don't get lost
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