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social injustice

project for mr burns

Sean TheBoss

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of social injustice

Global Warming and Air Pollution By
Sean Psenka dfgdgsfffffffffffffffffffffffff CO2 isn't the only fossil fuel that we have to worry about. Methane and nitrous oxide, for example, traps 2 times as much heat as carbon dioxide does and stays in the atmosphere for up to 100 years I think Global Warming became an issue after the
industrial revolution when people started
to use fossil fuels to power their machines,
but little did they know that is is harmful
to us and the environment And that is why I am trying to raise awareness
on this social injustice and the dangers of global
warming. If the amount of gases that are released
into the atmosphere continue, people expect
sea levels to rise about 2 feet in the 21st century!
Temperatures could rise up 11 degrees by the end of the 21st century These rising temperatures and sea level changes could make hot summer days unbearable and start to flood
coastal cities such as New York and L.A. Air pollution and global warming is caused by people burning fossil fuels into the atmosphere such as methane, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide by driving cars, drilling mines, and by powering factories These gases, also known as greenhouse gases, are responsible
for the greenhouse effect. When released into the air, these gases coat the atmosphere, therefore when sunlight is passed through Earth's atmosphere and reflected back into space, the gases in the atmosphere trap that extra heat on the Earth. Sort of like a greenhouse, wonder where they get the name. That trapped heat raises the Earth's temperature, causing global warming Now it isn't that hard to help stop global warming, one thing you could do is cut down on driving.
Some alternatives to driving is riding a bike, public transit, or if you have to drive, you can carpool. And when you are stuck in a traffic jam and aren't moving, turn your engine off, you won't only save money on gas, but you will help the environment. When shopping for your next car, try to buy a more fuel efficient car or a hybrid.
I think this is a social injustice because we are destroying
the very place we live on. So basicly, we are destroying
and killing each other, which isn't right. I chose this project because it is a big issue that no one knows the facts on, and that is my goal, to raise awareness on this problem by letting friends know, using the internet to make groups online that state all the facts and dangers of global warming, and letting elected officals know, such as the alderman. What is Global Warming??? Global warming is the heating of
Earth caused by air pollution and
the greenhouse effect. Other ways that air pollution is caused is by
wasting energy. So make sure to turn off lights
when you leave rooms and to turn off the AC or
heat when you aren't using it. An alternative to AC
is a hand fan.
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