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Building Brand Awareness

No description

James O'Sullivan

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Building Brand Awareness

Lorna Jane is THE high quality active wear label that is made by women FOR women. It empowers women to live their Lorna Jane lifestyle.
Brand Ambassadors
Lorna Jane can benefit by carefully aligning its UK brand image with celebrity endorsers, such as actress Emma Watson.
Broadcast Media
TV Commercial
Print Media
Magazine ads
Social Media
Building Brand Awareness & Brand Interaction
Sample billboard to line the streets of the UK
Global Concepts
- Australian Brand
- For any type of girl
- Do it your way
- Locations
- It's for YOU
- Join us
- Active living
- Repetitious reminders
- Find out more
Background on Project
The Product
The Project
The LJ company is ready to internationalise
The UK offers the greatest market opportunities
Lorna Jane

Market Entry Strategy
timing of entry in the summer to minimise costs
direct foreign investment to maintain control
Global Concepts
- The product
- The Project in progress
Market Entry Strategy
Pricing strategy
- The Core customer value
Brand value
Target market
- The Communication strategy
- Short term and Long term objectives
Pricing Strategy
Price skimming to fulfill profit objectives
Price adjustment to fit currency and VAT tax to maintain premium brand image while rewarding loyal consumers with VIW (Very Important Women) loyalty program
Core Customer Value
Brand value
Core Customer Value
Global Concepts
Product is of premium price and quality = a high involvement purchase.
Consumers respond to psychological and emotional motives such as building self esteem.
TARGET MARKET: Fashionable, body conscious women who lead an active lifestyle
Lorna Jane brand is synonymous with ACTIVE LIVING!
LOOK good = FEEL good = MOTIVATED to get ACTIVE
The LJ brand is the ticket that consumers purchase to gain access to an active and quality lifestyle
LJ brand is of a high tech and premium quality
Generating awareness for our Run Club. Targeting women's magazines with health-conscious consumers (Eg. Women's Health UK)
Magazine Ad
Hand out in popular places like gyms and shopping malls
Run Club Flyer
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