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Playful pupfish

No description

Tina Hansleben

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Playful pupfish

Playful Pupfish By Ellen Badger
The Desert Pupfish
Can you guess where I live? I live in the Gulf of Mexico and in the southwestern U.S. The desert pupfish also lives on the Atlatic and Caribbean costlines.
Were The Desert Pupfish Lives
Munch, munch, munch, I love lunch. The desert pupfish also loves algae. Algae is the desert pupfish's main food source.Tryonia (a small snail) is also a food source. The pupfish feeds on the south end of a limestone shelf, where most algae grows.
Something Special
You think you can hold your breath for a long period? Guess what, I can hold my breath for 5 hours. In order to aviod over heating, pupfish have learned to hold their breath for up to 5 hours.
Holding My Breath
Life Cycle/ Reproduction
Humans are ready to mate after they have lived many years, but the desert pupfish is ready in only 3 months! You can tell when a male is ready to mate because he'll turn bright blue. A female is ready when she comes into the male's territory.
Anatomy/ Appearance
I am perfect! I'm the desert pupfish. The desert pupfish is a small fish, about 3 inches long. Males are a bright blue or silver color. Females are tan.
What We Look Like
DId you know the desert pupfish hibrinates? It burrows under layers of mud to protect it from the cold. The desert pupfish hibrinates until spring.
Human Impact
Humans have impacted themself, and they have also impacted the desert pupfish. Humans have put unnative fish in their homes. As a rusult, they were put on the endangered list on March 31, 1986.
Humans move by walking, and the desert pupfish moves by swimming. The desert pupfish moves its tail from side to side instead of up to down like a dolphin or a whale. It swims fast.
Can you guess the desert pupfish's behavior? It darts along the surface and sometimes goes to lower water to escape the heat. It also goes to lower water when it's disturbed.
The Desert Pupfish'sBehavioir
Do you know how the desert pupfish is classified? Its kingdom is Animalia. Its phylum is Chordata. Its class is actinoperygii. The desert pupfish's order is Cyprinodontiforms and its faimily is cyprinodontidae.
1. How long can the desert pupfish hold its breath?
2. What color are the females?
3. Where does the desert pupfish live?
4. How do you know when the males are ready to mate?
5. What does the desert pupfish eat?
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