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Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

The columbine shooters

nick manns

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris Columbine shooting
13 dead, 24 Injured Dylan Klebold -Was in upper middle class
-His Father was a Geophysicist
-His Mother worked with the disabled -He liked science and technology
-Was shy and liked baseball
-He didn't fit in with jock culture
-He became friends with Harris in school
-They worked together at a local Pizza place Criminals Eric Harris -Father was Air Force Pilot
-Moved alot -Had problems fitting in
-Wore preppy clothes, and was decent at soccer
-Worked with Klebold at Pizza place
-Was talkative and volitile Both were arrested in 1998 for breaking into a van.
They were charged with theft, criminal mischief, and
criminal trespassing -Robyn Anderson
She was asked to go to the Tanner gun show
in Denver to purchase firearms for Harris, and Klebold.
She purchased 2 shotguns and a carbine rifle for them.
November 22, 1998 Mark Manes
-Sold them a handgun in March 1999 Victims Cassie Bernall
-Rock climbing Corey Depooter
-Fishing Matthew Kechter
-A student Isaiah Shoels
-Wrestling Rachel Scott
-Acting John Tomlin
-Liked helping others
-Christian Daniel Rohrbough
-Helping his family Kyle Valasquez
-Mentally disabled
-"Gentle Giant" Lauren Townsend
-Volleyball Captain
- NHS Kelly Fleming
-Writing Steven Curnow
-Liked star wars/sci fi Daniel Mauser
-A student
-Cross country Dave Sanders
-Girls Basketball/softball coach
-Business and computer teacher What happened
On April 20, 1999 they set a fire bomb as a diversion in a field a mile away from the school.
-11:10 When they arrived they planted 2 20 pound propane bombs in duffel bags in the cafeteria.
-Both waited by a door to shoot students as evacuated from the bombs
-When the bombs didn't explode they threw a pipe bomb at the west entrance. -11:19 They started firing at two students who were sitting on the knoll outside the cafeteria.
-They moved into the cafeteria shooting several students and causing a teacher to call 911
-11:24 an officer arived and opened fire on klebold and Harris
-Dave Sanders was shot twice in the chest after evacuating the cafeteria and hallway.
-11:29 Harris ordered all Jocks to stand up in the library
-Shot at Students in library, then out windows at police
-They continued shooting students in library, while taunting them.
-They committed suicide at 12:08 Leading up to the shooting.
-Neither fit in with the jock culture at columbine
-They made videos of them shooting jocks as vigilantes
-Both became enamored with the Nazis and Hitler
-Harris Made a website that he used to show everyone who he dislike or who had done him wrong
-They posted on the website bragging about their bomb making skills
-Both became part of the trench coat mafia
-Both started playing very violent first person shooter video games
-Acquired 3 guns in November 1998
-Acquired handgun march 1999
-Harris tells Brooks Brown to go home the day of the shooting
-April 20, 1999 they commenced with the shooting and committed suicide Columbine High School
Littleton Colorado
-Subdivision of Denver
-Crimes Occurred mostly in school library and cafeteria Sources
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