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Mackenzie Taiariol

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Geo

Toronto, Ontario Auckland, New Zealand Rome, Italy Toronto is a beautiful city to live in. Toronto has a lot of fun things to do in its city, such as healthy arts scene, numerous sporting events, restaurants and so much more. Toronto has a wide variety of the arts shows such as six opera companies, two symphony orchestras and more than fifty ballet and dance companies. Toronto has many sports teams that you can cheer on and watch them play like, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse and Basketball. One of the great places in Toronto is the Rogers centre. Toronto’s climate has hotter summers and colder winters. Although Toronto has a lot to do and keep busy with its hard to get around do to the fact of oversized and growing population. And because of the oversized population there is constant traffic and vehicles on the roads. For these reasons I would like to emigrate to Auckland, New Zealand or Rome, Italy. The reason why I would like to emigrate out of Toronto is because I want to start new. Pros and Cons about living in Toronto: Pros
-Surrounding suburbs to get away from the big city
-Transit systems that goes over a large area
-Opportunities for the education
-Long hot summers too humid for some people
-Oversized and growing population
-Some what cold winters
-A lot of traffic and vehicles on the roads
-Pollution not the cleanest place to live
-Expensive housing
-54 out of 140 more expensive city to live in
-Unemployment rate 8.5%
Pull factors for immigrating to Auckland, New Zealand: For an average size home to live in it would cost me $244 80 a month, and in Toronto it would cost me $364 800. Toronto is ranked 54th most expensive place to live out of 140 other cities, Auckland is ranked 78th although still high but its way less money living in Auckland than Toronto. The population in Toronto is 33 487 208 people, that’s a lot of people to be living in a 632 square km area. In Auckland the population is 4 213 418 in a 502 square km area. Social factors come into play, if I was to immigrate to Auckland because I have an uncle that already lives over there. So this would mean if I was to immigrate there then I would have a place to stay until I can get a well paying job and I find a place. Also I wouldn’t feel so isolated because I would know someone there to make me feel welcome and help me get around. Physical barriers would be something I would need to look into. For this reason is because if I was to emigrate from Toronto to Auckland that’s a long distance to travel. I would have to go over oceans and getting all my stuff over to Auckland would cost a lot of money so that’s also economic barriers, would I have enough money to get from Toronto to Auckland? Auckland, New Zealand would be a good place to migrate to because of the fact that in 1990 New Zealand wanted to have more trade with the Asian- Pacific countries. New Zealand hoped that immigrants would provide ties to help trade with other nations. With this new policy between 1991 and 1996, 173 000 Asian immigrants entered New Zealand. Pull factors to immigrate to Rome, Italy: -Great sights and attractions, like the Colosseum.
- The weather there is just like any other around the world. In the winters people usually go to the mountains for skiing and in the summertime the temperature usually stays around 79- 87 degrees.
- Italy’s population is 58 126 212 people, and it covers about 301 230 square km.
- Social factors because I have family in Italy, but I don’t know them that well so I don’t know if they would help me out as much.
-In Rome the languages you need to speak is Italian, German, French and/or Slovene.
In Rome an average size home would be about $3411.83 every month, this is a lot of money. So economic factors come into play, if I would have enough money to emigrate from Toronto to Rome and still have enough money to find a place and get a well paying job. What is culture? A way of life shared by a group of people including the way they obtain food the way they bring up their children, their values, beliefs, language, customs and religion. Nothing really would change for my culture, because I don’t really have one. Living in Toronto there are so many different kinds of culture and religions. Moving to New Zealand which that’s the place where I chose to immigrate to would not be very different for me. In New Zealand the languages are Moari and English. I would have to adapt to the new living style meaning the seasons. In New Zealand it’s warm year round in winter it brings colder temperatures but nothing to cold. Why I would want to move to New Zealand is because the weather there is so nice year round. I have family there, so there for they would most likely help me out to get started and everything. Although I would have to get use to the new way of handling money (NZ money) and getting use to speaking more Maori. I would have to get use to eating more fruits, since its hot there most of the time; I would be around oceans and the sun so I would need to protect myself from the sun. Other reasons I would move to New Zealand are because I want to start new, and not in a big city like Toronto or Rome. They are both very busy, with a high population. Over all New Zealand I believe is a good country to immigrate to. Migration affected Canada because more people immigrate to Canada because of job opportunities, environmental factors, political stability and democratic elections. Canada is a very multiculturalism country. Many different people from all around the world immigrate to Canada. How has migration affected Canada?
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