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mission statement

No description

Christine Blake

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of mission statement

ESL Academy Mission Statement
To best serve the needs of the CU Denver community, the ESL Academy’s intensive-English program mirrors the academic culture and rigor of the university. The ESL Academy provides outstanding, innovative instruction and cultural enrichment in an English-immersion environment to university-bound students. It fosters respect for cultural diversity, participation in American life, and critical reflection. The curriculum integrates English fluency, accuracy in written expression, and content studies with the scholarly and interpersonal skills required to be a successful CU Denver student.
Why? What now? What the university needs...
report we read last year
international students are struggling
international students feel ill-prepared for expectations
professors are not trained to help ESL students
Who we are...
various backgrounds

Who are students are...
degree seeking academic students
many are non-western in academic thought
many are privileged with the best education at home

What they need...
prepped for the American university
Western philosophies and expectations of education
skills listed on our objectives
How? skills based, not rewarding effort
syllabus is a contract with student, saying, "You can demonstrate these objectives"
and with university professors, "our graduates can perform at this level"
being on the same page, united in goal and expectations

We will introduce committees that will continue to bring us to our goal of successful university students
Jessie will present the new objectives and class descriptions for each class
Anne and Chris will have us look at exemplar papers at each level to get us prepared for norming with the new objectives
We will all give the diagnostic essays in the first week
We will norm the papers next Friday so that an "M" looks like an "M" across the board
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