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skins E4 media AS

No description

sophie slusarenko

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of skins E4 media AS

Skins is a British teen drama on E4, it follows the lives of a group of teenagers through the two years at sixth form. The TV comedy-drama is aimed at teenagers of the same age. The conventions of a teen drama Hedonistic behaviour, An educational setting must exist in order to reinforce the idea of the characters being of the teenage demographic, Music popular with teenagers must feature in the programme and Emphasis on sexual relationships and teenagers losing their virginity. i personally think that skins is for both sexes as the characters are both male and female and the storylines both sexes can relate too..

Skins purpose is to raise awareness of teenage issues happening, the series is an excessive, unrealistic portrayal of teenage life. The storylines have explored many issues, such as bullying, dysfunctional families, bipolar, eating disorders, adolescent sexuality, death and mental illness. The programmes purpose is to also appeal to teens, the teen drama includes Fashionable clothing, The latest technology, Education, Illegal drugs, Alcohol, Relationships and Popular music. Finally the obvious purpose of skins is to entertain its audience. I think the TV drama is to connect with a teenage audience and a drama with teenagers can connect with and enjoy watching.

Product process.
The word ‘skins’ means cigarette paper, this links to the whole idea of reflecting the name with teenage life. Cigarettes are something teens normally smoke and try at a teenage age. ‘skins’ connotes a representation of more than one person, as there is more than one ‘skin’, this also could refer to different ethnicities and connote the idea of equality as its only ‘skins’ which make us different. ‘Skins’ could also reflect on the characters in the programme as there is nudity featured in the programme, the ‘s’ is also lower case which has connotations of being ‘childish’ and reflect on the younger target audience. The whole meaning of skins is being young and experiencing things in life. Stereotypes are also shown throughout skins to understand each character more. The meaning can also be shown through characters clothes, sets and camera angles used throughout and what they represent. www.slideshare.co.uk

About 'skins'...
the show's content is controversial and decidedly adult. All the characters within skins engage in various simulated sexual acts, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and deal and use prescription drugs and marijuana; most don't suffer too many consequences for their troubled behaviour. There is a lot of talk about sex and nudity and includes scenes of nudity, the programme also covers a lot of serious subject matters e.g. anorexia. The programme is aged 18 and over, which i think is apporpriate as some things shown should not be seen by teenagers younger than 18.

-Teen drama
-Created by Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain
-There are 7 series.
-They change the characters in some series and there is new story line each series.
-It is on channel E4 which is a product of channel 4 and was on a 10pm.
-Was premiered on E4 on 25 January 2007 and ended on the 5th august 2013.
-Makers of shameless make skins.
-The last series is based and brings back 3 of the main characters during the whole of skins and divided into three names which are fire, rise and pure, each have two episodes each.
-Skins deal with a range of issues that happen in society, however they go about this through two types of stereotypes “students” and “Youth”.
Skins is a T.V programme filmed in Bristol and based on channel 4 and replayed on E4. There are 7 series of Skins and up to 10 episodes in each series, each episode name is titled after one of the characters in skins and normally concentrates on that character the most in the episode named after the character. A new series of skins was bought out once a year and lasted up to 2 and a half months on T.V until the series was over. Skins is played on channel 4 at 10pm on a Monday. The programme is an hour long including breaks. Skins is for 16 years of age and older to watch. In the last series of skins they bought back 3 main characters throughout the whole of skins and made 6 episodes on each of the main characters each character having 2 episodes each but this time the episodes were named 'Rise', 'Pure' and 'Fire'. www.channel4/skins.co.uk
The style of skins is to reflect on teenage life and the things which take place when a teenager. The style of skins is meant to be seen as a 'cool', 'fun' and 'funny' programme yet is also serious as it covers a variety of serious issues. Everything about the programme relates back to teenagers, the clothes they wear, how they act, where its set and the things they do(storyline). The style is very realistic and portrays elements of comedy in it. From what clothes they wear to what the storyline is in each series the way they have set it really does relate to teenage life, they are wearing cool clothes and doing crazy and wild things, as teens do, the style makes the viewers want to watch more as the style of skins became a cool and good programme for teens to watch.
Each character has their own individual style of their own which reflects their personality, who they are as a character. The style of the sets also reflects the life in which they have. As skins is a programme the style is very important as the style gives the viewers help and understanding of the programme and it also gives it more excitement.

Series 3 episode 2
It's Cooks 17th birthday and he invites the gang to his uncle Keith's pub to celebrate. The girls decide to leave after Pandora throws up. Cook persuades them otherwise, promising drugs. They then go to an engagement party, cook gets hold of drugs, in which cook and his friends take. Cooks antics start to anger his friend kayleighs dad Johnny White who is Bristol's drug lord, cook gets beaten up and the party turns into a riot, cook and the gang then leave. Cook drags his friend JJ to a brothel after an argument with his friend Freddie in which they bump into Johnny White again where cook tortures him. Johnny White vows to cook he'll kill him next time he see's him. Cook then goes to Freddie to discuss what happened.
Camera Angles
Close up shot
This episode contains close up shots, especially of cook as the episode concentrates on him. The close up shots really express the characters feelings, especially when they take the drugs.
Long shot
There are a lot of long shots, especially when cook and the gang are running away after the party and down under the road long path way, the long shot shows the audience more of a feel for where about's the gang are.
over the shoulder shot
This camera angle is used when cook tortures Johnny White in the brothel, This camera angle makes the scene more intense As it really captures cooks expression and physicality from Johnneys point of view

Narrative Theory
Throughout skins each character in every series has an individual look in which tells the audience 'their story', the personality they have and the kind of person they are. Each characters look is shown through their clothes, hair cuts, makeup, shoes and props they each have, the characters are also shown through the way they walk, talk and physically act. Skins narrative is the characters, the narratives of each episodes are constructed round the characters, the genre and the plot types.
As you can see this character is a young adult. The character is wearing a suit which gives the audience the impression 'hes important' yet he's holding a cigerette in one hand and his right eye is slightly swollen as if hes a trouble maker. His facial expressions are serious, The overall view and look this character gives off is a villan.
Freddie is holding a skateboard and sat in a skateboard park which obviously shows he's into his skateboarding. He's wearing a plain top which looks a bit dirty which could show area's of him not going home a lot, his face is quite serious showing hes quite a serious boy yet he looks a bit distressed which could mean he's quite quiet, the name 'freddie' is quite subtle and cool which could reflect his cool and chilled personality.
The name 'alo' first of all is quite unusual, straight away this gives the audience the impression he'll be an unusual person. Alo has bright ginger mad hair and is wearing weird clothes and accessories, the dog bone he's wearing gives the audience an impression that he's pretty weird and wild like a dog. His clothes have doll like drawing on them as if he's still childish and a young child. His hair is quite crazy which could reflect his crazy personality. Alo is smiling showing he's a happy over all character.
Narrative Theory.
The episodes are more obviously self contained series than serial. There are 'spin off' narratives which make the programme more modern, they attempt to use media technology to fully engage the generation into the programme. Each character has a narrative, it is constructed around the characters and their lives. The narrative of all episodes still runs with the theme of covering serous issues of teenage life.
Setting-This scene is on a big boat in the inside of it.

Props- In this scene Cook is in possession of drugs and showing them off in order to get into the boat party, this automatically gives of he's a 'showoff' and naughty. Another prop used is alcohol, all 'the gang' are drinking alcohol yet they are underage, this shows them illegaly drinking and being the typical
teenagers they are. All props used in this scene are props which give the characters the rebellious impression.

Costume, hair and makeup- All characters have a certain look, at the boat party all people are dressed up with dresses on except 'the gang' which make them stick out like a sore thumb. In this scene Kayleigh who's boat party it is her dads family are all dressed really rough, in tracksuits, trainers and all have greasy hair, that when they see all the gang wearing normal type clothes with normal hair and makeup automatically kayleighs dad warns them. he costumes of all characters within this scene are all clearly shown in the type of lifestyle they belong in and their social groups. There are a lot of semics to express stereostypes.

Facial expressions and body language-The gang are all hunched over, leaning on one legs and look fed up when trying to enter the party as if they really aren't bothered about it except cook who's laughing, smiling and jumping around. When entering the boat party again the gang look fed up and are all stood together with their arms crossed, speaking under their breathes and rolling their eyes, again cook is still jumping around downing drinks and using his arms a lot. There's then kayleighs dad who has little expression with sharp pierced eye and his face tilted up standing up straight, giving the impression that hes angry and trying to act hard.

Lighting and colour- As they are entering the boat party its light outside, no lighting but as they enter the party the lighting changes to disco themed lighting, with dark lighting and yellow/orange/red lighting, the gang are stood in the darker area which reflects their moods and cook is in a lighter light reflecting his happy mood.

position of characters /objects within the frame- The gang are always stood together throughout this scene except cook who is walking around and helping himself. Freddie always stood near Effy indicating he could like her. When thye are all dancing at the party, Effy is in Freddies eye view. the gang mostly stand in one place with no objects surrounding them until they dance, cook goes of to a closet with kayleigh, cook only cares about himself.
Mise en Scene
Mise en Scene-Cook
Props- Cook's main prop is drugs, especially in this scene. Drugs make cook to be a rebellious 17 year old, who is a shoe off and wants to be seen as 'cool' and a 'rebel' but just embarrasses himself.

Costume, hair and makeup- Cook is wearing a big puffy red jacket with the colors up, baggy jeans, pumps and a polo shirt. He looks scruffy which gives the impression he's a rebellious 17 year old, he has one ear pierced and is hair is quite messy, his look goes with his cheeky personality and the 'rebel' he likes to think he is.

Facial expressions and body language- Throughout cook is loud and annoying. He laughs, smiles and shouts a lot, he jumps around and uses big arms expressions and is overly excited, they way he acts gives of like he's childish and acts younger than his age as he's immature.

Lighting and colour-Cook is often in the spotlight in this episode, especially when they are at the boat party. The colour of his clothes make him stand out more than his friends. The episode concentrates on him, when they enter the party their is a slight spotlight on him, a lighter light is on him compared to the rest of the gang.

Position of the character/objects within the scene- Jack is always leading the gang in this episode, hes always slightly in front and everyone is sat round him in the pub as if hes the ring leader. The objects which surround him are all objects a 17 year old boy would have or things that are illegal to him. These being beers, fags, drugs, friends, cake and people.

Katie Fitch- A twin, Aggressive and controlling, she is selfish, self centered and ruthless and hates being told what do to.

Emily Fitch- Katie's twin sister, although she is quiet and timid and hardly speaks.

Freddie Mclair- Laid back and sensible who enjoys skate boarding, cares for his friends, helping his friend JJ hrough social problems.

JJ Jones- has asperger syndrome, well spoken, articulate and clever, yet lacks social skills.

James Cook- Outgoing sexually promiscuous and self destructive with a troubled family. He is impulsive and can get out of hand.

Naomie Campbell- Loveless and struggles with adult life. She is Passionate, idealist and political. She is confused with her sexuality.

Thomas Tomone- Not British born. He is an migrant. He is friendly, honest and spirititual. He is one of the more popular people in the gang.

Pandora Moon- Sexually Naive and immature. She is childish and acts younger than her age.

Effy Stonem- She doesn't speak much at all, instead silently sits in the background not caring, usually with a cold stare or wry smile(her trade mark)
The Opening of each episode is a familiar setting to teen life. The opening of each episode normally starts with one of the characters and its normally the character in which the episode will concentrate on. The style of the settings in which they are in link and mirror the teenage life and where teens hang out and go, it links with genre. Popular music is also played throughout of skins, the music is cool and again popular to teen music.

This is Pandora, She is a 17 year old girl yet looks a lot younger. Her hair being in pig tails with child like colourful bobbles and her green eye shadow symbolises being child like. She also
has a pink bag pack on, something a 17 year old girl would not wear, making her unfashionable. Linking them together Pandora comes across as an unusual character who is quite babied and hasnt experienced teenage life properly.
An educational setting must exist in order to reinforce the idea of the characters being of the teenage demographic.
The characters are attend parties and become intoxicated with alcohol and illegal drugs which is represented as their ideal lifestyle. The representation of youth in Skins is generally negative, The characters are always in some sort of trouble, they rely on drugs and alcohol, their promiscuous sexual behaviour and they commit theft for example; in series 5 when the characters go abroad on holiday and crash a party in which they all take drugs and commit sexual behavior with others. Most of the activities that take place in skins is seen as 'normal' teenage behaviour which represents teenagers as 'bad' yet also are seen as good this is shown through how they have exciting lives, care for their friends and are carefree which is admirable. Old age is also represented as negative in skins as people in the village are aggressive and rude towards the characters, old people are meant to be seen as role models, supportive and kind.
The Skins series has a linear narrative, which means that episodes show events in chronological order and incorporate no non-linear features such as flashbacks.

The narrative of Skins is not only restricted to the TV series, as there are more narratives available on their website, such as "Unseen Skins" which gives more information to the narrative not shown on T.V. This is used to appeal to the younger target audience who are technologically friendly.

The timescale of the narrative is clear. Every two series shown covers the students A-level courses. After this, another set of characters are introduced rather than following the characters onto university.
Hypodermic Theory
The Hypodermic theory in skins injects ideas into the audiences minds...

-All teenagers are interested and dependent on drugs.
-All teenagers are thieves.
-All teenagers have promiscuous sexual behaviour.
-All teenagers don't care and don't try hard.
-All teenagers behaviour is dull and careless.
Todorov's Theory
Product Process
Pre product
1. Firstly the writer makes sure the script is complete and up to the excellent standard to what they want it to be at.

2. once the script is complete they start filming the scenes properly.

Post production
3. Its time for the editing after filming, this is when the editor and the director go through all scenes and decide which shots are bad and which shots are good, the editing is how its all put together.

4. grading- grading is the image and sound, the image has to be checked and changed around to enhance what they've made, the colourist makes the scenes look better by de grading/grading colour to what fits and looks best. They have to go through shot by shot in order to do this, this means going through from 800-1000 shots.

5.grading- this time it being the sound, getting all the music right and sounds correct. This means checking the composer, dialogue used and artist all fit and meet the right needs.

6. Finally its the mix, this is putting everything all together and piecing it all up together to have the finished

Skins was advertised by Trailers of each new series/episodes which were then broad cased onto T.V and you tube. It was also advertised on the channel 4 website, again with trailers and articles. Skins also had billboards, buss stop posters and normal posters of the new series cast and had advertisement in the papers and in magazines such as the guardian paper and company magazine.

Distribution channels
Effect on the audience
As clear the target audience for skins is is Teens around 16-20 year old's. Although it is aimed at teenagers it could also have an impact on the older generation as it involves sexual activity, violence and immersion of drugs which are found as more mature texts. Teens relate to many of the situations the characters are dealing with yet the adults focus on the dramatised use of drugs, sex, violence and alcohol. Teenagers have more of an understanding that the scenes made are more exteremed to entertain well as adults and maybe even really young audience's may see this as what teenagers are like in this modern-day society. The audience seeing the effects of drugs, violence and behaviour of the characters means they were able to see the negative actions and effects. Skins also covers the help which should be given with problems taking place, this is helping people in real life who are experiencing the same problems to know what to do.

Others would argue and say the impact and effect skins has on the audience is negative, as some of the things shown in skins is influencing teens to do e.g. parties which get out of control.

Skins may not influence its audience but it takes sides of the teenagers, what they deal with and what they can go through and what some unsympathetic adults can forget about, it entertains and helps teens with everyday issues.

Different religions may have a negative effect and impact of skins as some of the content shown in skins is against their religion or beliefs.
Legal issues
-Channel 4
-Amazon prime
-Channel 4 website
-Box set

-Employees have insurance in the workplace for their health and safety
-Public liability insurance-crew or equipment could cause damage to the public
-Paid annual leave
-IP - Intellectual property which are the creations used in the programme e.g. inventions, artistic works and images.
-Copyright-owndership of an IP, proof of ownership is needed
-legal contract-signing a contract to the job agreeing with terms and conditions e.g. actors/actresses in skins will sign one agreeing on terms and conditions.
-constraint- legal obligation of limitation or restraint
-legislation-wage, absences, pay, working hours, health and safety
-Not showing brands in TV unless you have acceptance from the brand to show it.
Ethical issues
-privacy/confidentiality- involovement in programme is not mentioned in writing or video
-Exclusivity- If you sign a exclusivity contract you work in set part of legal threat or action
-BBFC- Classification of programme for safety reasons, puts restrictions on programme.
-Offensive material- It is used in skins yet is on at 10pm, because its on after 9 it means it include offensive material/for older people so its then the viewers choice to watch it.
-Offer help and support at the end of each episode.


Issues of representation
-The characters attend parties and become obsessed with alcohol and drugs which represented through their lifestyle.
-The representation of teens through skin is mostly negative, they are always in some sort of trouble, rely on alcohol and drugs and present promiscuous behavior throughout.
-Old people are represented as rude and not caring as in skins the old people are aggressive and rude towards the characters.
-stereotypes are represented through the characters e.g. Cook who's naughty and misbehaved wears scraggy clothes and uses faul language.
-race and sexuality is represented as equal in skins, they make a funnier look on it e.g. Maxxie who is gay takes all the lads to a gay bar, for it to end on all of them on the karaoke.
-Issues with occur in skins are represented in different ways depending on the issue but at the end of it the issues are represented as something not to be embarrassed about. e.g. Cassie is anorexic but is to ashamed to seek help yet in the end she realise's she shouldn't be embarrassed.

Role of relevant regulatory bodies
Ofcom-Regulates all content on programmes in the UK, skins is licensed by Ofcom to broadcast as its on channel 4. Ofcom contains principles and rules in programmes, it also contains sponsorship, fairness and privacy which broadcasters must agree with. Failure to stick to Ofcom rules leads to fine or channel 4 would loose their license to broadcast skins. e.g In skins they are not aloud to use some words because broadcasting standard code rules do not allow some words because of child protection act.

Classification- Age rating of the programme, As skins covers many serious issues the age rating is 18 and is on at 10pm.
Skins can be watched on all these channels and websites, It is only shown on channels connected/joint with channel 4.
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