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skyline vs Greystone

No description

Library Media

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of skyline vs Greystone

What camp do girls prefer, Skyline or Greystone,and how are the camps alike & different? vs Skyline has : Cabin fun night, Sock War, Dance night, Banquet night, & Underground Railroad. Greystone has: Challenge Day, Council Fires, Decade Dance, Derby Day, Eventing Program, Fourth of July, Overnight Camp out, & Water sports day. By : Caroline Bates Which camp has better games/special activities? How many sessions does each camp have? Skyline's 2 week campers have 4 sessions to choose from, and their 1 week campers have 3 sessions to choose from. Greystone has 4 sessions in all. What are the water sports at each camp? Skyline has ... The blob, canoeing, the water slide, the rope swing, and their new salt water pool! Greystone has...canoeing, diving, fishing, kayaking, sailing, rowing, rafting, swimming, synchronized swimming, water park, and water skiing. How far away is each camp from Birmingham? For Camp Skyline: It takes 2 hours to drive the 113 miles to get to Skyline! For Camp Greystone: It takes 5 hours and 30 minutes to drive the 318 miles to get to Greystone! Which camp has longer snack breaks? Skyline's snack break called (*Belly Delli) is about 30 minutes! Greystone's snack break called ( *Candy Shop ) is 45 minutes . What's the amount of counselors per cabin at each camp? Greystone has 8 to 10 campers and 1 counselor per cabin! Skyline has at least 3 counselors with at least 14 campers per cabin! What are the fun activities at each camp, and which has better
activities? Skyline's most interesting activities are ... Ropes Course, Fun Swim, Circus, Quidditch, Lacrosse, Arts and Crafts, Gymnastics, and Rock The Runway. Greystone's most interesting activities are... Kayaking, Dog Camp, Water Park, Bible, Waterskiing, Scrapbooking, Synchronized Swimming, and High Ropes. Greystone won! In my opinion, Skyline won because they sound more fun and interesting to me. My survey says... SKYLINE 83% of girls in 3rd grade at Crestline go to Skyline and 12 people said that they go to Skyline because of the activities! GREYSTONE 17% of girls go to Greystone and 3 people choose to go to Greystone because of the activities And the winner is Skyline! The websites I used for my info are... 1. www.campskyline.com 2. www.campgreystone.com 3. google maps I hope you liked my PREZI! My great vocabulary words were... Belli Delli Survey and Candy Shop Camp Skyline's snack bar. A survey is a question sheet that helps you find info. Camp Greystone's snack bar. In my opinion Greystone won because I like the idea of Dog Camp and more!!!
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