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Homeless Bird

Class presentation on relation between Rabindranath Tagore and Homeless Bird book

Sajjad Imtiaz

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Homeless Bird

Tagore Project Homeless Bird Rabindranath Tagore “We gain freedom when we have paid the full price.” Tagore’s quote refer to the story of young girl, Koly, from the book, Homeless Bird. He was a famous poet who is a great part of Indian history. The quote gives vital information about how a person can achieve his/her goals through challenges and hardships. Also, it tells about the determination of an individual who lived his/her life with struggle and at the end, received liberty as a reward for his/her accomplishments. It also resembles to the idea of a bird that get caught by a hunter and after many efforts, the bird pretended to be dead. The hunter thinking the bird was dead threw him away. However, bird that was actually alive, he achieved his freedom. The bird was able to enjoy life experiences and happiness. The meaning behind Tagore writing this quote was to motivate Indians to gain their freedom from the British. Koly is a good example, because she suffered from such hardships at a young age which would not be easy, even for an adult. She started going to the festivals which was held in her town after earning her freedom. She got the freedom to study from her Sassur through her dedication and devotion to learning Hari’s books. In addition, the quote refers to American Independence from the British Emperor. The native citizens took steps like sacrificing their lives to gain freedom for their upcoming generations. The citizens came together and formed a group known as a Militia. It was a group of farmers who fought for their freedom, but they never joined the Continental Army as permanent soldiers. Their efforts and sacrifices brought the freedom not only for them but for everyone in the colonies. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/f/fe/Spirit_of_'76.jpg/220px-Spirit_of_'76.jpg
http://georgiainfo.galileo.usg.edu/tdgh-aug/Revolutionary%20Militia.jpg Citations By Sajjad Imtiaz
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