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November Blues

No description

Jay Lock

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of November Blues

November Blues
by Sharon Draper
Project by: Jordan Pollock P.4

Falling Action
November is in her third trimester and decides to go back to high school to catch up on her school work. Embarrassed about going to school pregnant, November runs into her ex- best friend, Arriel (and Jericho's ex-girlfriend) and starts drama between Olivia and November. During lunch, Arriel's boyfriend goes to jail for selling drugs to minors and Olivia fights Arriel for throwing food on her. Weeks pass and November, Olivia, Dana and her boyfriend ride up to Jericho's championship football game. While coming back November starts having contractions.
After finding out about November's unborn child, Josh's parents go to court to file that the baby goes with them. November has a choice whether to give up the baby or to keep it. After a little thought she decides to keep the baby.
November feels sick one school day and throws up. A girl named Olivia Thigpen finds her in the bathroom throwing up and offers her a mint. November goes home, takes a pregnancy test, and finds out she's 2 months pregnant. She then tells her best friend Dana Wolfe.
Rising Action
November Nelson is 16 years old and pregnant. Her boyfriend, Josh Prescott dies to a pledge gone wrong trying to get into a fraternity. Jericho Prescott was the cousin of Josh and best friend. After Josh's death he quit playing the trumpet and started playing football to get the anger out. November now has to figure out how to juggle with a baby and school.
About November
November gets air lifted to a near by hospital and was told the baby was 2 months early. She goes into labor and everyone hopes the baby's healthy. Later on she gives birth to a baby girl and names her Sunshine.
Being a pregnant teen is hard. Read this book to discover how it is for the life of a pregnant girl, with big goals ahead of her, but later changes because of that one mistake.
Read this book!!
Sharon M. Draper is a five-time winner of the Coretta Scott King Award and is a New York Times bestselling authors. She is my favorite author and wrote other books I read like: Out of my Mind, Double Dutch, and Copper Sun. Some other books I would like to read by her are Romiette and Julio, The Battle of Jericho, Darkness Before Dawn, Forged by Fire, and Tears of a Tiger.
About the Author
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