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PrintSoft - company overview - EN1

No description

PrintSoft Hungary

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of PrintSoft - company overview - EN1

INVOICING 70% 25% 5% PrintSoft-Hungary Kft.
Dominique Nagy
managing director

Tel: +36 1 471 9664 [implementation] [integration ] [operations] [support] Integrated customer communication management – output management
Electronic document management
Electronic invoicing

FlowLogic is our comprehensive and effective CCM system

extensive knowledge in business-critical applications
development & deployment of state-of-the art technologies and tools
systematic assessment and planning in the spirit of quality assurance [company profile] Business focus Know-how Basic values
established in 1998
head office in Budapest, Hungary
25 employees
majority of colleagues with Masters degree
ISO 9001:2001 certified [organisation] COMPANY OVERVIEW KEY FACTORS MARKET LEADER with entrenched customer base
Over 80% market share in utility output management within Hungary
Largest archive implementation in the Hungarian bank sector – cca. 5m document / month INTEGRATED OUTPUT MANAGEMENT
ECM and BPM solutions
Massively scalable and extensible platforms work across a distributed and heterogeneous IT environment
Lower TCO than competing solutions Positioned in the sweet spot of attractive industry trends
Addressing regulation requirements Focus on mid-sized and large enterprises
Key technology and strategic partnerships
(PrintSoft, SAPERION, Microsoft, etc.)
Strong financial performance
Microsoft Partner
ORACLE Gold Partner
PDF Assiciation Member [memberships] [discussion] PReS 8
Partner contract
E-invoicing solutions
... utilities
financial service providers
industry & logistics
printhouses & other [markets] > 80% market share in utility output management within Hungary > largest archive implementation in the Hungarian bank sector Mass processing of electronic documents using e-Signature
Portal-based presentation for e-Invoices [creation, management of electronically signed and time-stamped documents and invoices] INCOMING INVOICES OUTGOING INVOICES Documents to be created for printing:
more than 200 Million / year

Created electronic invoices:
more than 12 Million / year

Documents to archiving:
more than 120 Million / year [our experience in numbers] [company overview] [utilities] [government] [financial providers] [produce, process & print paper-based and electronic documents] data processing, layout design & output streaming
interactive document creation
front office & back office correspondence management [experience various document creation options with high performance] batch
interactive [provide new marketing tools to customers] new platform to transpromotional activities
generate effective marketing messages targeting certain groups or individuals [manage & archive electronic documents] DMS solutions based on Saperion ECM Suite
Capturing paper-based information via OCR with ABBYY
Storage, retrieval, retention, query and reporting [support and implementation of document-based business workflows] SaperionWorkflow Suite based implementations ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT
MANAGEMENT [printshops] SZENZOR Számítóközpont Largest banking group in Hungary - active in Central and Eastern European countries
World's largest SAPERION archive in terms of the number of documents - more than 1 billion
Delivered FlowLogic moduls: Processing, layout&Streaming (PReS), Archive, Esign, Marketing
Layout's quantity: 100
Processed documents: 5 Million/month [OTP Bank Nyrt.] Delivered FlowLogic modules: Processing, Layout&streaming (PReS), Archive, ESign, Marketing, QM, DC
Layout's quantity: 95
Processed documents: 1,5 Million/month [ENI Tigáz Zrt.]
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