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JRA Year in Review

No description

Kacey Koester

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of JRA Year in Review

JRA Year in Review
Scholarships & Awards
Promotion & Marketing
Conferences & Events
Shaye Koester, ND
Heather Presser Scholarship
Commercial Member Scholarship
Lindsey Stowell
Homedale, ID
Young Stockman Program
National Red Angus Convention
Grapevine, TX
Sept. 9-11, 2015

2015 Round-Up Recipient

Savannah Howard, NC

Fund Development
Round-Up 2015
National Red Angus Convention
26 participants
10 different states
January 8-9, 2015
Outstanding Junior: Alex Hildreth , IL
Outstanding Senior: Josh Albrecht, CA
Junior Activities Committee
Raymond Prescott, BOD, Chair, SC Kyley DeVoe, BOD, TX
Sallie Miller, CO
Marcine Moldenhauer, KS
Rhonda Diest, TN
Cindy Frasier, CO
Rita McPhee, CA
Amber Boyles-Stephens, VA
Kim Heller-Staff, IA
Industry Networking
American / Canadian
Merit Award
Canadian Junior Angus Showdown
Olds, Alberta
July 16-18, 2015
Katie Wright, SK
Brooke Bablitz, AB
Internship Program

2014-2015 JRA Board
Silent Auction Fundraiser
Ladies' Symposium
Fashion Show
Junior Board Activity
Royce McPhee-Bayha
Lodi, CA
Jaclyn Ketchum
Plevna, MT
Anna Miller
Linden, CA
Lanham Brown
Throckmorton, TX
Morgan Cortez
American Falls, ID
Jaclyn Ketchum
Plevna, MT
Kacey Koester
Steele, ND
My name is Lindsey Stowell and I received the Commercial Member Scholarship. Round-Up provided so many wonderful opportunities for me to learn more about the beef industry and the Red Angus breed. We toured many operations and I really enjoyed seeing a whole new part of the industry that I couldn't have seen from home. I also made many important connections with people from all over the U.S. and even met two girls from Canada. Overall, Round-Up was an amazing trip and I had so much fun learning what this industry and breed has to offer!
-Oct 14-16
-Scavenger Hunt
-Ranch Rodeo
-Northern Ag Network Tour
-Presentation from ORIgen
June 22-27th
Equipping and preparing all JRA stakeholders to be leaders, innovators, stewards, and advocates for the Red Angus breed, the beef industry and agriculture.
Heather Presser Scholarship
12 first time attendees
2 CJAA representatives
34 attendees
13 states
8 contests, over 50 awards awarded
11 tour stops
tons of fun
JBS / Five Rivers Cattle

Leachman Cattle of Colorado

Tom Odle, Superior Livestock Auction

BQA training

Mock Beef Taste Panel

National Junior Red Angus Show
Thank you to all of
our sponsors and supporters
- Scholarships
- Event sponsorships
- Show sponsorships
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