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Team Victus Sustinere

No description

Adam Book

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Team Victus Sustinere

1) Urban Farms
Victus Sustinere
Dedicated to smoothly ushering a sustainable food system into our society
The Problem
Global Climate Change
Limited Resources
Food Waste
Health Concerns
Negative Attitudes
Climate Change
"Perhaps the most urgent global environmental issue"
Food Wastage
Wasting Food is not Ethical
A Waste of Resources
Harmful to the Environment
Relationships to Negative Effects on Health
- Decrease in consumption awareness

- Obesity

- Cardiovascular disease + Cancer

- Chemical Contamination (ex. melamine)
Attitudes and Awareness
What studies show matters to consumers:
Brand Familiarity
Negative Attitudes
Lack of Awareness
The Solution
Urban Farms
Located under bridges, roofs, backyards, school yards

produce versatile aerobic rice

reduce dependence on imported cereals
Food Labelling
- Storyline
- Apply Knowledge
- Gain Sustainable Points
Why it Will Work
- competitive
- appeals to all ages
- real world incentive to play
- gain practical knowledge
- easily accessible
Local Food Committee
- Organization
- Budget
2) Food Labeling
3) Education
Our Solution
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