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Footballers and their salaries.

Footballers get paid way too much money for just kicking a football around.

lori muldoon

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Footballers and their salaries.

Footballers and their salaries. Footballers get paid around £14,000,000,00 a year!
For instance, David Beckham get paid £19,000,000,00 guess thats
where the
money goes -> In my opinion, they do not deserve
the money they get.. Footballers get
so much money just to kick a football
around a pitch! This money deserves to go to
people who do a good job and
makes the world a better place,
eg. Armed Forces and the Government. Footballers earn their teams lots of money
its fair if they share it..its a business...if you worked in any other job and earned millions for your company you'd expect a big share. same with football. the footballers make their clubs money from merchandise, getting them success, people paying to see them play. therefore they should get a big share. Thats a good point why they get the money.. But they do not deserve it! Video Clip: (swearing & humourous.) Other video clip: (sad and emotional) Whats your opinion on this now?

Thanks for watching my presentation.
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