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property plan

No description

Lauren Macneil

on 5 January 2012

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Transcript of property plan

Advantages to using Prezi:
makes the presentation more interesting
evaluator can explore the presentation on their own accord
It looks more appealing Advantages & assets of land Languages Analytical Disadvantages to using Prezi:
Its the first time i'm using it so still getting used to it In comparison to other sotwares Prezi looks better and more proffesional, using it is also more interesting, eye-catching and allows the user to adjust the settings to their preferances. I decided that i wanted to get a reasonable amount of land and still be able to build a large house on it, so i started to look in foreign countries where land is cheap. I love animals and sceneary so Botswana seemed a perfect place, and i had plenty of money to spend and bought 86 486.8835 acres/3500 hectares for £136 329.138 Large area for building on
picturesque view and country Very good price for amount of land
Wildlife in abundance
Is near an airport and city My property is here, on the edge of the game reserve I bought an undeveloped farm It is situated 76km south of Maun, which has an airport, entertainment and other facilities PREZI Prezi is easy to access and use, it also has many different presentation styles so each persons work is individual Excel Advantages to using Microsoft excel:
It can do maths calculations
Easy to layout lists and tables
makes work look professional
Easy to read
Lots of space
easy and simple to use
Helps you to understand how spread sheets work Disadvantages to using excel:
You have to already know the formulas for it to be able to calculate sums
It can sometimes look slightly uninventive if you were doing a creative project I chose to use excel for my expenditure list because it was easy to layout and the software was able to calculate the total and how certain items would cost. It was also easy t read when i was trying to find a material, how much it cost and how many i would need. This is the ground floor plan of my house including a veranda at the front These pictures are of the land i have bought in Botswana Ostriches, big cats, elephants, giraffes, antelope and other animals roam freely across the land, this would make it an ideal place for someone to set up a game reserve or guided tour, hopefully this will make my land easier to market This is the upper floor of my house, with bedrooms, an office, an en suite, an airing cupboard and a bathroom this is what my house looks like from different angles, it is an american farm house style made from timber frames and a brick base, i chose this style because it will cope well in the heat and keep cool but is also sturdy enough to with stand bugs, animals and torrential rains. It also fits into the landscape well My house was built to be practical and efficent for coping with the surroundings, as it is quite far from the nearest town it has its own:
water tank- Large so it only has to be filled every so often
Ceptic tank- sewage connection or collection isn't needed
solar panels- its very sunny so lots of electricity can be generated I have put a wash/utility room and bathroom at the back of the house so if the resident is muddy or dirty when they come in, they can just get washed and changed before entering the rest of the house, for this reason the floor has been tiled and there is a sink against the wall. It is also a good strorage area, especially for clothing or even pets at night. This is my expenditure list, it has the basic materials needed for building the house and a few other accesories along with equipment hire costs 1,700,000 pulas is £145 959 and 2500sq m is 0.617763454 so i should be able to sell 85,000 acres for quite alot! 5,400,000 pulas is £463 643 and this property is 4500 hectares, 1000 more than my property but the builing is very basic and the land is very poor so i should be able to get more for my property 202 760 sq feet is 4.654 acres and $125, 000 is £79 749 so i will be able to make alot more money, this property also has a very nice house
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