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SC Homecoming

An updated scheduling of Southwestern's Homecoming

brandon hessing

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of SC Homecoming

Sunday, October 7: Homecoming Service Learning Project
-3pm / Stewart Field House

Dodge Ball Tournament*
-6pm / Winfield Rec Center Wednesday, October 10: Pack Chapel
-11am / Messenger Hall

Builder Olympics*
-7pm / Jantz Stadium Thursday, October 11: SC Iron Chef Competition*
-12pm / Java Jinx

Color Glow Hunger Walk/Run*
-7pm / Practice Fields Friday, October 12: Career Fair w/ Builder Floats
-11am / Java Jinx

Builder Billboards Judging*
-1pm / Warren Street

The Miser
-8pm / Richarson Hall

The Bonfire
-9:30pm / N. of Practice Fields Saturday October 13: Homecoming Parade*
-9:30am / Mains St. Winfield

Homecoming Picnic
-11am / Stewart Field House

Outreach Worship Service
11:15am / Roy L. Smith Patio

Football Game
1:30pm / Jantz Stadium

Coronation (Queen and King)*
2:30pm / Jantz Stadium Sunday, October 14: The Miser
3pm / Richardson Hall
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