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Lovat's 5 Stages

No description

ella decouto

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Lovat's 5 Stages

Prezi by Ella Decouto
Lovat's 5 Stages
Step 1- leaving the ordinary
This is when we leave the ordinary world and ‘enter’ into the sacred ritual. Often this is marked with a symbolic action or music or incense

Detail 2- Step 2- winding up or preparation
This is part of the ritual involves the participants ‘preparing’ for the climax or ritual. It is often marked by giving of information or prayer

Step 3- climax
This is the part of the ritual where the participants are ‘involved’ in the ritual. It is marked as the emotional high point of the ritual, where the strongest emotion connection is felt by the adherent

Step 4- winding down or celebration
This is the stage of the ritual where the adherents prepare to re-enter the ordinary. It is often marked by a cleansing or reflecting time/activity

Step 5- return to the ordinary
This stage of the ritual brings the adherent back into the ordinary time. The key s that the participant should feel transformed or different as a result of their experience. It is often marked by a symbolic step back into the ordinary through prayer or symbolic gesture (sign of the cross)
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