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Covalent Bond Comic Strip

No description

Chidinma Adiele

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Covalent Bond Comic Strip

Covalent Bond Comic Strip
Chidinma Adiele

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Tim: I really like you and I feel like their is a natural attraction between us
Amber: I feel the same way
Tim: (nervously) Why, hello there pretty pink electron. What is your name?
Amber: (nervously) Um, Amber...
Tim got so nervous that he turned into his liquid form. He was so embarrassed, but then he looked at Amber......
Amber had also gotten embarrassed and turned into her gas form.
Tim: There is something you should know about me.
Amber: Yes, what is it
?Tim: I am not soluble in water; Yes I know it is weird.
Amber: It's not weird because I am not soluble either.
Tim: Really? Finally I meet someone who isn't!
Amber: OMG, why is it so hot all of a sudden. I melt like butter!!!
Tim: Well, we can melt together then.
After their miraculous experience....
And together they formed a covalent bond
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