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water integrity

No description

Mai Rayyan

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of water integrity

Water Integrity What is Water Integrity? 1890 Sculpture than Architecture Brickwork Curving roofs Zig-zag ornamentation Tower with spikes Vincent Van Gogh 1925 It is defined as accountability and anti-corruption which are critical determinants of how water resources ( as well as monetary resources) and services are governed and allocated. Water Governance &
integrity. Styles and construction
designs of buildings depend on the prevailing
climate. If the climate is... COOL- The design of the building should be on
how to keep it warm. WARM- Warm livingroom design by Thomas Chan. The emphasis of the design is how to keep it cool. Cool living room designs If the place is frequently visited by typhoons, the house in such places are low and sturdy. If the place is earthquake-prone, the construction and style are likewise made to consider the condition. In Japan for example, which is situated in the earthquake belt and tremors are expected, architectures devised foundations with rollers so that the buildings sway during the tremors instead of crumble. Before and after the earthquake in Japan. In warm countries like the Philippines and other countries in torrid zone. The torrid zone refers to the area of the earth between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Geographically, the torrid zone is defined by 23.5 degrees north latitude and 23.5 degrees south latitude. The tropic zone is another name for the torrid zone. This climate zone is one of the original five zones used to define the climate and growing zones of the earth. The delineation of this zone has since been modified to allow for the multitude of different biomes located within this traditionally tropical region. Buildings have wide windows to let in the light and the breeze.
In countries where winter or cold spells are felt, the windows are small and tightly secured to prevent cold from entering America Philippines The bahay kubo, the giant life-cradling basket of a house, is the basis of the Philippine agriculture. From its origins as a rural bamboo house covered with thatches palm, it evolved into solid, urban bahay na bato (house of stone) during the Spanish colonial era, continuing its evolution to the present day. In Batanes, Philippines, a place frequented by typhoons, the style of the homes of the inhabitants
is different in looks from those homes in other provinces of the country. The Ekimos in Alaska have home whose style is unique because of the climate conditions prevailing in the state. The Igloo, the Ekimo's home, is made of very thick mud with massive walls. There is no window opening except the entrance and the exit door. The style of this home architecture fits the harsh, snowy weather. Ekimo Igloo Acknowledged as the best hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai was designed to resemble billowing sail. It soars to to the height of 321meters, Dominating the Dubai Coastline. Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai Makati Building Modern architecture has been shaped by new materials. These are primarily structured steel and reinforced concrete. STEEL CONCRETE The use of these materials has contributed significantly to the development of modern architecture. Water Governance & integrity Water Integrity Corruption in the water sector: How and Why? Transparency & Access to Information Institutional Frameworks & Water Integrity Accountability Integrity in IWRM A G E N D A IWRM & water governance
Water Governance dimensions Principles of effective water governance Institutional reform & IWR Policy development
Primary and secondary legislation
Control: monitoring, policing, enforcement and sanctioning
Elements of governance What is governance? What is water governance?
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