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Customer Innovation and Growth Strategy: Responding to the era of the Chief Executive Customer

No description

Hunter Ingram

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Customer Innovation and Growth Strategy: Responding to the era of the Chief Executive Customer

IBM Global Business Services
Customer Innovation & Growth Strategy Practice Interaction &
Collaboration Marketing
Effectiveness Customer
Strategy Insight &
Intelligence Insight & Intelligence Customer Innovation & Growth Strategy:
Marketing Effectiveness Customer Innovation & Growth Strategy:
Interaction & Collaboration With the need to respond quickly and effectively to capture and retain the attention of customers, leading financial institutions measure, analyze, design, automate, and optimize digital marketing efforts in real time — not just at scale, but also on a one-to-one level to provide relevant content and recommendations. "My bank used to send me paper statements. Who checks snail mail these days?! I want my bank to live in my pocket, not my mailbox." "My bank has finally started to get my attention with relevant offerings that fit my needs! How did they do that?! 80% of UK banks surveyed believed they had the customer front and center in their minds ...only 8% of their customers agreed! Customer Innovation & Growth Strategy:
Customer Strategy And the customer? Client Segmentation: Customer Analytics:
Deliver the RIGHT message at the RIGHT time to the RIGHT customers Using hardware and software to integrate the Analytics Solution with the business Know
Customer Bob is very unsatisfied with his bank. His bank doesn't 'get' him. Technology and Operations Operating
Model Application
Rationalization Modernization
Roadmap Identifying strategic capabilities "There are many channels that my bank has available to communicate with me, but I want them to understand and know my preferred method of communication!"
Creative Directors
Hunter Ingram
Luis DeBayle
Wilson Kyi
Michael S Chester Advisors
Karl Moore
Stephen Ryan Introducing... Bob Watson , Chief Executive Customer So, do you want to know about the offerings from the Customer Innovation & Growth Strategy practice that help address the problem with Bob?... ...we thought you'd never ask! Bob is extremely unhappy with his bank. He doesn't think they 'get' him. Offering Focus Areas: oh yeah! THAT guy... Customer Innovation & Growth Strategy:
Insight & Intelligence Segment clients into meaningful groups who have similar needs Turn"Big Data" into actionable insights:
Retain Analytics Strategy: Information Design
& Integration Offering Focus Areas: Offering Focus Areas: ...but how do they do it? Offering Focus Areas: The question surrounding social media today is not whether you are doing it, but whether you are doing enough... IBM defines social business as embedding social tools, media, and practices into the ongoing activities of the organization
Social business enables individuals to connect and share information and insights more effectively with others, both inside and outside the organization Lets do a deeper dive into IBM's POV on Social Business... - Bob Watson,
Chief Executive Customer IBM deep dive into Social Business
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