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No description

sarale hickson

on 23 July 2011

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Transcript of Cartography

Cartographic Standards QA/QC Templates difficult to recognize data - different symbology
no "brand"
important details were sometimes missing
no idea who made the map or when All located in one folder for ease of use
All point to the ‘correct’, most up-to-date data
One layer file stores all base map data.
Layer files store standard cartographic symbology
Makes sure that internal maps look like external GreshamView as much as possible Maps that are used/requested a lot were printed and laminated and others were made into pdfs for all employees to be able to access. Making sure key elements are present
north arrow
scale bar
Applying cartographic principles and best standards and practices Folders contain blank and pre-drawn templates
Organized by paper size
Conform to the cartographic standards
Give City maps a certain style "brand"- instantly recognizable
Make sure certain key data is there
Shortcuts and zoom to locations built-in
Automated tools/scripts part of the template Better Maps Map Library Where we were Standards Layers
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