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Johnny Depp

No description

amanda redecop

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp's movies
over the years 1984- Johhny Depp's
first ever movie Nightmare on Elmstreet 1985 Private Resort
Beasts of Prey
Lady blue (T.V show) 1986 Slowburn
Platoon 1987 Unfinished buisness
Hotel (T.V show) 1990 Crybaby
Awop-bomb aloobomb-awoop bam boom
La bizca
Last chance high
21 jump street
Edward Scissorhands 1991 Freddy's dead the final nightmare 1993 Arizona dream
Benny and Joon
What's eating Gilbert grape 1994 Ed wood
Don Jeun De Marco 1995 Dead Man
Nick of Time 1997 Donny Brasco
The Brave 1998 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1999 The Ninth Gate
The Astronaut's Wife
Sleepy Hallow 2000 Before night falls
The last ever fast show
The fast show 2001 Blow
From Hell 2003 P.O.T.C Curse of the black pearl
Once upon a time in Mexico 2004 Secret window
Hank's Back
Kind of the hill
Ils se marient beaucoup d'enfants
Finding Neverland
The libertine 2005 Charlie and the chocolat factory
Corpse bride 2006 P.O.T.C The legend of Jack Sparrow 2007 P.O.T.C Dead man's chest
P.O.T.C At world's end
Sweeny Todd 2008 Spongebob vs. the big one 2009 Spongebob Squarepants (show)
The imaginarium of dr.Parnassus
Public Enimies 2010 Alice in Wonderland
The rum diary For the future 2011 Rango
P.O.T.C On stranger tides 2012 Sin city 3 The End!!! By: Amanda Redecop In the movie "Nightmare
on Elm street" Johnny
Depp plays a character named
Glen Lantz. In the movie he
gets killed by Freddy Kreuger.
:( P.O.T.C
The P.O.T.C movies are my
favorite movies with Johnny
Depp in it. In these movies,
(as you may allready know)
Johnny Depp plays Jack Sparrow.
Orlando Bloom is also in the
movies. In Charlie and the
chocolate factory, Johnny
Depp plays the character:
Willy Wonka Johnny Depp is my
absoloute favourite
actor. He is the main
character in almost all
of the movies he's in. Did you know??? Johnny Depp won the
award of "Most powerfull
actor" in 2008. He lost it
in 2009 but won his place
back again in 2010. He also won the award
for "World's favourite
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