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Warwick Distance Learning MBA: The First 25 Years

The story behind one of the world's most reputable distance learning MBA programmes.

Rachel Killian

on 2 August 2011

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Transcript of Warwick Distance Learning MBA: The First 25 Years

Warwick Distance Learning MBA Warwick Distance Learning MBA The First 25 Years The DLMBA begins in partnership with Wolsey Hall 1986 Hong Kong, Malaysia & Singapore partnerships established 1989 1990 1987 First UK Graduation Parting from Wolsey Hall

First Hong Kong Graduation 1993 The team starts to use.... Swedish partnership is established 1993 The Warwick Distance Learning MBA becomes the first in the UK to achieve AMBA Accreditation 1994 1995 1995 1995 1997 1996 1,000th Graduate, Tim Rosen Sue Bridgewater becomes the first DLMBA graduate to achieve a PhD The first audio revision tapes were produced 350 students begin studying The first DLMBA website is developed for use by September Seminar students And the following year, the student websites go live... ...1998 And the year after that, the online discussion areas were launched 2000 2,000th graduate, Valerie Lachman The Dubai partnership with Knowledge Horizon is established 2001 Our learning technology continues to develop my.wbs is launched
the first assignments are submitted online
the first online module, titled E-Business, is made available
online self assessment tools are offered
students take part in online group collaboration for first time The Warwick MBA portfolio is restructured to give students more flexibility and choice.

All DLMBA students now follow the same curriculum and structure as those on the
Full-time MBA and Executive MBA. 2002 2007 The first virtual Staff-Student Liaision Committee is introduced The DLMBA receives applications from 57 different countries for just one intake. There are already over 100 different countries represented on the programme. 2008 The virtual classroom wbsLive is piloted. Students can work in syndicate groups, watch a lecture, hear the presenter - and even interrupt! Guest speakers at the September Seminar in 1991 included
Ken Livingstone MP and Warwick's own Professor Peter Doyle 1991 The tuition fee was £2,000 2007 The first ever DLMBA rankings are published. WBS is ranked first in the UK and third in the world. Launch of three new electives: 2006 A tailored Warwick MBA for one of the world's most successful technology and consulting firms is launched. Based on the DLMBA, it offers managers a combination of self-study supported by weekend workshops. Mergers and Acquistions Innovation and Creativity in Organisations Global Sourcing of Strategic IT and Business Processes 2010 Retain #1 UK spot in the Economist rating of DLMBAs Matthew Bailey follows in his dad Les Bailey's footsteps and also graduates from the DLMBA, 28 years later. 2009 The first ever DLMBA brochure Twins Meena and Meera Parekh started on the DLMBA together in January 2006 - and graduated together in 2009. More Graduation Successes The last of the printed aMBAssador newsletters is produced Online assignment submission is piloted The total of distance learning modules is now 21 2009 2011 Major restructuring project completed. First intake of students on the "New and Improved" DLMBA starts in July 2011 Changes Fully integrated multi-media online study materials, wbsLive lectures and tutorials September Seminars being phased out "Warwick Weeks"
are introduced instead Two distinct start dates each year January July First year split into two discrete six month cycles More f-2-f modules taking place all over the world and DLMBA students now have one 5-day module included in their fee Integration of personal and career development support, including dedicated days of activity during Warwick Week Enhanced tutor and peer support Challenging minds, changing lives 2005 Jarrod Christie-Smith becomes the 3,000th graduate And Kailash Lalji becomes the 4,000th DLMBA graduate. Students still have the choice to study over a 12 month period if they prefer 2008 2011 We celebrate 25 years of the Distance Learning MBA Students are brought together on campus much earlier in the programme, usually around 10 weeks after they start studying
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