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Hello There People!!!

No description

Luna Uranga

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Hello There People!!!

Introduction To Izzy!!!!
Hello People, my name is Izzy the Igneous Rock, or for short you can call me Izzy. So, you are about to watch my favorite adventure that I've taken, well, the only adventure I've taken.... ENJOY!!!!
~~Becoming A Sedimentary Rock~~
I wanted to find out what it would be like to become a Sedimentary Rock, but i didn't know if I wanted to deal with the pain....
.... I went through Weathering and Erosion, which is a chemical and physical destruction of my original form. Dang rain messed me up, and the Erosion moved me to Hawaii. Then I also went past Sediments to Deposition, which compacted and cemented me.
~~Becoming A Sedimentary Rock~~
~~Transforming .... Again~~
Now, I'm a Sedimetary Rock and I hate being compacted and cemented all the time. So, I got washed up on the amazing beach in Hawaii and now im going to go and visit Mauna Loa, an amazing Volcano.
~~Transforming .... Again~~
As you can see, I'm kind of stuck between the Earth. I am slowly heating up because I'm closed into the Earth and since the middle of the Earth is, well... hot, I'm heating up.
~~Coming To The End~~
Right now, my adventure is at it's final stage!! I have now finally came back to my normal form. I have formed in Magma underground, Erupted from a Volcano(which was awsome), and now I harden and become into an Igneous Rock!!!
~~ THE END ~~
Now our adventure comes to an End. We have travled together from being an Igneous Rock, to a Sedimentary Rock, to a Metamorphic Rock, back to an Igneous Rock!!!
Until next time people, BYE!!!
- Izzy The Igneous Rock
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