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Kamel Mahadin

Landscape project

Ahmed Hishmeh

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Kamel Mahadin

Kamel Mahadin
personal life
Kamel was born in Karak, Jordan in 1954 , finished secondary education at the high school of Mafraq, Jordan
Educational life
- study Architecture at the American University of Beirut
- Bachelor’s in Architecture from Kansas State University
- Masters in landscape architecture from Louisiana State University
- Doctorates in Environmental Designs were awarded from Texas A & M University
- teaching at the University of Jordan , Mutah University, Al-El Beit University
- he is the chief commissioner of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority
- Architects, Landscape Architects: Visual Thinkers

- QUEST FOR QUALITY: Landscape Design in Jordan and the Middle East

- Celebrate Experience of Traveling: Travel Sketches of an Architect, Landscape Architects

- Landscape Plants for Jordan and the Middle East
Abdul Rauf el Rawabdeh
Hasan Kubba Residence
King Hussein Club
Future Projects
Hasan Kubba Residence
Hasan Ghalib Kubba’s villa is a special example of environmental design that includes both architecture and landscape under the direction of one designer. I was given he freedom to maneuver the architecture, and to integrate the building structure with the exterior landscape. In addition the construction supervision also came under my umbrella, so I had added control by association with he construction process.
Creating a home is an important and serious responsibility. Residential design is at a personal scale, and I like the relationships that grow out of this design process. They are different from larger and more public projects.
one storage building, two major spaces, the living spaces linked with living room to a twisted 4 bedrooms corner. I believed in the design of the house, we should try to find sense of order from what the client and the site told us, which is why the house took the upper plateau of the site overlooking Abu Nusir housing district, and overlooking the site, the landscape terraces
In my design approach I try to balance between rationalism and intuition in my work and draw on the experiences and places I've seen around the world. Being a landscape architect as well as an architect, there is something of the Mediterranean in me; a closeness to land, and its materials, plants, water, a living environment that is what I love to create.
The scope of this project included the placement of a new health facility on an established site. A large outdoor Plaza links the new health facility with the existing clubhouse resulting in a conscious example of regional style.
The Plaza, a dynamic space, connects new and old buildings in a natural transition. Occupying about 2000 square meters, the plaza provides a natural link between the buildings themselves and between the indoor and outdoor spaces of the new health club facility. It is a quiet park-like setting at a human scale in a bustling downtown area of Amman, Jordan. King Hussein Health Club links human to nature by providing a quiet repose for personal regeneration and refreshment. Color choice of the architectural facade is of an indigenous material which reflects a glowing light. Jordanian sunlight, broken by an over story of palm and ramada, shines through in radiant thick lines in the plaza courtyard. The atmosphere is ambient, a contextual fit with the topography and climate of Amman.
Kamel O. Mahadin

The most striking points of the Mahadin residence are the use of architectural color and the playful mixing of plant materials. Sitting under the backyard one feels comfortable, as comfortable as lounging on the sofa on a lazy Friday afternoon. There is a forest of visual ideas to absorb; ornamental and evergreen, annual flower and shrub, palm and ivy set against a backdrop of yellow. landscape under the direction of one designer. I was given the freedom to maneuver the architecture, and to integrate the building structure with the exterior landscape.
Statement from the Designer:
he like to experiment with different color and different ways of putting plant material together. Over the years my planting design has changed with insights of how plants grow and my changing design aesthetic. My approach to this backyard design is natural and organic. This residential design feels comfortable and pleasant, but underlying is a knowledgeable application of plant material and a controlled ordering of outdoor spaces.
Capital Bank
MK Associates New Head Office
Land scape
Done By :

- Ahmed abu hishmeh
- ma'mon rayan
Supervisor : Arch jumana
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