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The cooperation between the colonists and native americans

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Bob Joe

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of The cooperation between the colonists and native americans

During the colonial era, European colonies had both agreements and disagreements. Some had allies and others didn't. Others had many allies and others had few.
When the British and French fought, both relied on their Native American allies (French and Indian War)
Captain Miles, befriended Massasoit
Often, the settlers would buy land off of native americans
Also, at the start native Americans and settlers would do trade colonial leaders began to exploit tribal trade debts
The effects of disagreements
What led to the cooperation
What led to the disagreements
The cooperation and dissagreements between the colonists and native americans
Phillip, the successor of Massasoit, tried to destroy colonial settlements.
Native americans were very sensitive over land.
By Kyle, Noelle, Nicholas, Swetha
The effects of cooperation
Thanks for listening
Originally, colonists and native americans were friendly and traded, but after a while some colonists who believed strongly in there religions .
The Native Americans and the colonists traded because it was only natural for them to
The colonists bought land of of native americans because they usually didn't have enough land to expand onto so they bought and traded for land
Captain miles befriended Massasoit because they often traded with his tribe so they became great friends.
Captain miles befriended Massasoit which led to a treaty
Settlers would often buy land off of native americans so the native americans received lots of tools they could not manufacture themselves
Phillip, the successor of Massasoit tried to destroy colonist selltmeltb hjuk
Native americans needed more land so they fought over it
Any questions?
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