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Curriculum Acceleration

No description

Edmund Trygar

on 5 November 2011

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Transcript of Curriculum Acceleration

Curriculum Acceleration Adjusting the pace of learning
for the benefit of gifted learners What is Curriculum Acceleration? Curriculum Acceleration is just what it sounds like; covering curriculum at a faster pace for those who learn more rapidly. Why Accelerate Curriculum? Typically, gifted and high acheiving students are able to learn material faster than their peers. These students are held back to the pace of the rest of the class. This means that:
1. They can become bored and act out.
2. They are not able to reach their academic potential. How do I know for whom I should accelerate the curriculum? A key component of acceleration is pre-assessment.
Teachers should pre-assess the entire class by means of paper pencil tests, games (Jeopardy, etc.), KWL charts and the like. This will determine students' prior knowledge. Pre-assessment questions should be tied to benchmarks to determine which skills a student possesses. Students should then not be required to re-master these skills. Throughout the course of a unit, the teacher should continuously assess student progress (ex: quizzes, exit cards and journals) to see if students need repitition. Those who don't move on. What challenges will I face if I accelerate curriculum? You will have many groups of students who are all working at different paces, thus your classroom will feel chaotic. Remember that you are maximizing learning. It is important to have strong classroom management skills because you can't be everywhere at once! What strategies will help me stay organized if I accelerate curriculum? Cooperative groups for students who are working at the same pace Portfolio Assessments for individuals or groups If your students will use time productively, you could give them a checklist of assignments for the unit to work on at their own pace. Remember to provide enrichment opportunities for students who finish before others. Enrichment should be "instead of" work, not in "addition to" work; otherwise, students will work more slowly to avoid the extra assignments. Enrichment could take the form of related games or puzzles, time to explore a topic of interest (somehow related to the subject) in books or online, etc. Thanks for watching! I hope that you will succeed if/when you attempt this strategy! By: Eddie Trygar
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