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improve public relations of PCSOs

Aaron Wilson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of PCSO

To discover PCSOs Roles Duties Responsiblies Powers Achievement Are you ready to understand the difference between PCSOs and Police Officers

> > > > > > > > > > > PCSO

Police Community Support Officer

Duties * minor offences
* Earlier deter people from committing offences
* community front-line policing
* conduct house-to-house enquiries
* provide crime prevention advice
How to recognise Police Officer
Have full powers:

Deal with serious crime
Supporting victims and witnesses
Providing support to the victims of crime

Provide the fundamental principles of Community Developemnt OF .....




OUTCOMES: KNOWLEDGE, SUPPORT, AUTHORITY EMPOWERMENT, PROVIDE ACTION, PARTICIPATION DEMOCRACY, LOWER CRIME RATES, REGENERATION, SAFER SCHOOLS SUSTAINABLE, SAFER, EQUALITY > SUCH AS: PCSOs have the time to achieve better local policing:..... Dealing with empty homes saftey talks with students and parents Commitments to various steering
groups and resident associations Regular meetings with parish councils Increase communication with
local groups and young people
All to achieve a happier,safer,
more enjoyable Community Please take the time to watch the next video clip

Its only 3 mintes long! PCSO are the future for bringing sustainable regeneration.
They are a portal of information, helping communities all over the England.

Even just their 'presents', brings 'security.
Sooo PCSOs Welcome to short presentation
on PCSOs PCSOs Police Officers BLUE
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