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Presentation: Should the driving age be raised to 18?

Age change

Kat McCadden

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Presentation: Should the driving age be raised to 18?

Should the driving age be raised to 18?

By:Katherine McCadden
E10H Teens and Driving PROS of raising the age limit Cons of raising the age limit Citation Teens are itching to get their drivers license and become more independent.But some teens may or may not be ready to handle that big of a responsibility, driving is an emotional step in life. Teens need to be able to get to school, work, and sports practices.

Driving laws may push car crashes among younger teens to older teens.

First step to becoming more independent. PROS: Reduces the amount of car crashes among teens drivers

New restrictions on teen driving can lead to lesser crashes

Teens may wait longer for their drivers license, but it may be for the best Why driving should be permitted at age 18?
Raising the age to 18 gives a teen their independence for example: they can vote at and enter the armed forces at age 18. Why not raise the legal age to get your drivers license! Why the driving age should not be raised to 18?
Teens are more technologically advanced and are easily distracted by phones and other items. Letting teens drive at age 16 is very essential to their livelihood and allows them to become more independent. Driving gives a 16 year old independence to drive, also they don't have to rely on their parents to take them where they need to go. ProQuest Staff. "At issue: Teens and Driving." ProQuest LLC. 2012: n.pag. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 09 Nov 2012.
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